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  • mistermonday
    Whiten Teeth in PS - No Masks, No Brushes
    by mistermonday
    I do a ton of people photographing and one of the most common touch-ups required is whitening teeth. Most of the time all you want to do is get rid of the yellow color but leave the teeth in their natural state maintaing their form and lighting highlights. The following is one of the fastest and most...
    02-04-2006, 05:45 PM
  • rnbluvva
    Really Tough Braces Removal!
    by rnbluvva
    Hi all!

    I just had someone ask me to remove braces from her teeth. Usually I would have said no problem, except there is basically no tooth data to clone from to take the braces off and have some kind of thing resembling teeth left behind.

    Should I grab someone else's teeth?...
    02-25-2007, 04:52 PM
  • PatNugent
    What is your method of whitening eyes and teeth?
    by PatNugent
    I've been making selections, copy layer of the selection, desaturating, masking out what I don't want real quick, then lowering the opacity to make it look realistic and not over done. What is your way of going about it? I'm not unhappy with mine, but I feel that there might be a better way(as there...
    12-16-2007, 01:40 PM
  • grafx
    Teeth virtual makeover???
    by grafx
    Has anyone seen this software around? Dentists use it, but I don't know if it is available for the general public. I really want to find a better way of fixing snaggle teeth without airbrushing. Any ideas? References?

    Bad teeth are the bane of my existance
    03-30-2006, 01:35 PM
  • gho64
    How To Whiten The Teeth & Eyes Of An Image
    by gho64
    Newbie Question,

    Please supply detailed information on How To Whiten The Teeth & Eyes Of An Image. Thank You, HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

    11-27-2003, 10:46 AM