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  • Suggestions/Requests

    Got a PhotoShop technique or feature you want more information on? Just let me know and I'll research it and start a thread on it for more indepth discussion.


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    I would want to know more about the render lighting effect.
    I think it is a very powerful part that can give wonderful extra punch to your images.
    I would like to use it for instance to make a backdrop be lit out as in a pro studio, to make some dappled light specs as under foliage, to make a realistic bg for flowers cut out from their original bg or ..... Is this possible? I have been trying this out myself but the effect doesn't quite look natural enough.




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      I great topic! I'll do a little research and see what I can gather. For now, here is a wonderful book you might want to check out:

      Creative PhotoShop Lighting Techniques by Barry Huggins



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        Re: Suggestions/Requests

        Things I'd like to learn;

        I've got a Wacom tablet now, how do I break my addiction to the magic wand?

        I'd like to get into the habit of using the pen tool more.

        A little more about using channels.

        These are all related, aren't they?


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          Re: Suggestions/Requests

          Hi. There is SO much good stuff on this forum (I'm trying not to be shy and post as well as read!). I find that I fall between the cracks in one particular area, however, and that is digital scrapbooking. There are sites for digital scrapbooking, but these are primarily there to sell you digital "supplies". But as my knowledge increases Ifind that I don't want to buy as many of these "supplies" as I am learning to make my own. These are things like background papers, doodles, photoframes, masks, overlays etc.

          I would be happy to share and discuss a lot of the techniques that I learn but this is where I fall "between the cracks". The digital scrapbooking sites don't want you to learn how to do these things yourself (they want to sell you the finished products). But I've learned enough to be a bit bored with what they offer, and have progressed on to making my own original creations in Photoshop. Yet these don't seem to fit in to the Photoshop forums either.

          There's a great article about digital scrapbooking in a recent U.K Photoshop magazine (not sure if I'm allowed to mention the name?) which tells me that I'm not the only one who's interested.

          Is there any chance of a special thread on this forum for Digital Scrapbooking? BUT - with a technical Photoshop bent (not just the simple "drop your photo in here" type). If not, I'd still love to swap techniques and ideas. Should I post in another section (but which one)?

          Thanks for all the great work you're doing.


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