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  • albatrosss
    Re: Selection Tool

    To move the outline of an empty selection hi light the new selection box in the tool bar and drag the empty selection to a new layer or another part of the image.

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  • rondon
    Well Related Maybe

    besides dragging the selection I sometimes use it with the transform tool (ctrl-T) to alter the size, shape or perspective (right click in the transform selection)

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  • T Paul
    started a topic Selection Tool

    Selection Tool

    You can use the selection tool to make copies of your selection quickly and easily. My standard practice for copying a selection is to select it then copy (Ctrl+C), paste (Ctrl+V). However, I just learned a neat little trick today.

    1. Open an image
    2. Pick a selection tool (marquee, lasso etc)
    3. Make a selection

    To cut away the selection (with the selection tool still active), hold the control key and drag your selection. This will remove (cut) the selection from the original.

    To make a copy of your selection and leave the original in place, click on the move tool then hold the alt key and drag your selection.

    To make multiple copies (and I found this to be very neat), click on the move tool, then while holding the alt key drag the copy and click and release your mouse button. Each time you drag the copy and release your mouse button a copy is made. Remember to keep the alt key pressed.

    Got some more handy uses or tips for the selection tool? Feel free to add them to this thread!

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  • Tony_Tea
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  • trvlnmn
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