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The problem with Poser

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  • The problem with Poser

    The only thing I don't like about Poser is the barrage of synthetic softporn you have to wade through anytime you try to surf for help and tips for it. So please, I invite you to share your Poser techniques and post photorealistic images you've made with Poser's help, but there are already too many places where you can post adolescent Barbi-doll and Frazetta fantasies. Let's not make this another one.
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    Re: The problem with Poser

    Hi Doug,

    I just completed the new brand image for the upcoming Poser Pro.

    This is more stylized, but Poser definitely has uses in retouching. I have recently seen two works that have benefited from Poser.

    Here is one by Silvia Fusetti

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      Re: The problem with Poser

      nice work does the pro differ from the standard version?


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        Re: The problem with Poser

        Using Poser to replace missing body parts (or in this case, the whole body)

        Restored Baby Body

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          Re: The problem with Poser

          Nice render, Steve. Seems like SSS and maybe GI were used. I'm assuming you didn't create it straight out of Poser, or does the new Poser have these kind of advanced rendering capabilities and allows you to model from scratch?
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            Re: The problem with Poser

            Excellent work on that restoration Ro. Is that a poser model you used?



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              Re: The problem with Poser

              Excellent work and a fantastic use of Poser byRo


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                Re: The problem with Poser

                Nice work Ro.

                Poser Pro is still in beta. I can't say much now.



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