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  • Poser Pro + CS3

    Several member here have at some time or other used or come across poser content. There was a very cool tutorial done not long ago using poser to replace missing/damaged parts of a photo. Well enter Poser Pro with the ability to export CS3 extended 3D layers. Looks like another app that has added 3D integration with Photoshop.

    Also they have introduced free 3D content, poser models already exported to 3D layers so you can download a 3D layer with the 3D data already available. Think about the possibilities of 3D stock images where you choose the final angle and lighting.

    Other companies like Strata and Newtek have also jumped on this. I hope to see many more 3D render and integration addon's. The Photoshop 3D ability is little more than glitter by itself but with this kind of ability it will enter a domain of it;s own.

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