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Problem to map graphic on cylinder...

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  • Problem to map graphic on cylinder...

    I am using Photoshop cs5 extended.
    What I try to do is to map a high-res graphic on the photo of an an existing cap (cylindric).
    I use Photoshop CS5 Extended, 3D > 3D out of layer
    No matter how big the file is - the resulting image is of very poor (pixelated) quality. Is there anything I missed (like render-Settings) or is this normal?
    Or is there maybe an option to directly import a vector layer out of Illustrator and have that rendered with better result?
    I had the graphic 13000px wide, but the result is really poor, meaning at 100% I see rasterpoints as big as 4-5px...

    If anyone had a tip - photoshop only- would really appreciate!

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    Re: Problem to map graphic on cylinder...

    Have you tried File>Place. Then browse to the AI exported file. It should open inside of a large sizing box which will be high quality size agnostic. When you resize and click ok it will rasterize.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: Problem to map graphic on cylinder...

      Could you achieve the same effect using the warp tool. Keep the central portion 'normal' and pull the left and right edges toward the centre. Or the spherize tool set to horizontal only. Depends of course on the cap orientation.


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        Re: Problem to map graphic on cylinder...

        Thanks for the tips!

        I had some wrong settigns in illustrator - after setting the documents size to maximum, the results were better, but not good enough.
        You could see were the graphic was not evenly round, but every segment was recognisable. I did not find an optzion to give a higher number of segments or an option to make the cylinder rounder.
        Maybe I missed something - but having paid for the extended, I thought this should work for such a simple project. Maybe I am missing something - otherwise this 3D feature is really crappy.

        Would be interested to ask Chris Cox about that - sadly I do not have the time to attend the webinar.

        Finally I rendered the graphis in Cinama4D as Tiff, took the Tiff into photoshop, selected the graphic, placed in Photoshop, gave the graphic a bit volume ...

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