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learning maya and basic modeling/rendering

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  • learning maya and basic modeling/rendering

    Does anyone know of a good place to take classes or a good program preferably in the Los Angeles area for learning maya and some basic modeling/lighting/rendering? It's something I've wanted to explore for a while, and it's a large enough program to where I feel it would help to be able to ask questions early on. I also don't want to develop bad/inefficient habits teaching it to myself as I did with photoshop for years.

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    Re: learning maya and basic modeling/rendering

    Hi there,

    I know one of the school that people tend to talk about. I used to be enthusiastic about 3D stuff and was interested in various courses before.

    You might want to try here??

    But I've heard they don't come cheap though.

    It said it's in Hollywood, California. I suppose Los Angeles is also California right?? How near or far from each other I don't know as I don't live in the States...

    You might want to try to look for information in places like or CgSociety.


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      Re: learning maya and basic modeling/rendering

      It's actually quite close to me. I've looked at them. I looked at their curriculum. I'm not sure I want to go with that one. Also I'm kind of debating between maya and cinema 4d. i'm planning to render through maxwell or one of the other 3rd party renderers designed with photo realism in mind. Maya seems more popular here but it's also much more expensive. I don't have an issue with the complexity. I can memorize layouts pretty quickly, but I don't have the level of knowledge necessary to really compare the two.


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        Re: learning maya and basic modeling/rendering

        How serious are you with wanting to master 3D? Do you want to go to modelling and animation field? Or simply just want to know some 3D knowledge to incorporate into your photography and retouching.

        Infact Maya has a very steep learning curve. Cinema 3D should cover pretty much what you might hope to achieve. Try google for Benedict Campbell. If his work is something you try to achieve then I have to tell you that he used purely Cinema 3D.

        Otherwise I think you might be better off with 3D Studio Max?


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