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    Hi all,
    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the best 3D software is at the moment for applying a 3D finish to images, The price doesn't matter as much as the usability and professional finish.

    Any suggestions will be greatly recieved

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    Can you be clearer about what it is you're wanting? Do you have DXF files to paint? Or are you looking to put 3d effects on photos? Or something else?
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      To extend Doug's query even further, are you looking for 3-d modelling software such as used by Ken in this post?


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        I agree with Doug. What are you going to do with it. I like 3D Studio ~($3200) US, and Myia Unlimited ~($7000) us. But there are alot out there for much cheaper and even some for free. And as far as putting a 3D finishes to pictures Photo Shop and others can be used for the "sim finish"


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          I think Lightwave and Cinema 4D would be near the top of my list. 3DS Max is probably the mass user's choice (due in part to it being so widely pirated).

 has a software review section, their reviews are fairly trustworthy (though not in depth).

          A lot also depends on what kind of work you will be needing your software to perform, you may need external plugins or the provided render engine of the software may be adequate.


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            Hi everyone I must appologise for posting a question and then not being around for your answers.

            Thanks to those who answered, I finally went with 3D studio max after tying a version of Maya version 4.0.
            I don't know how many of you use this and as I am still learning I would appreciate any secrets or tips.



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