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Fractal software for math morons

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  • Fractal software for math morons

    I've played with just about every fractal generating program I've ever heard of. The thing that bothers me about all of them is that they're more about the backend than the front. By that I mean they're math forward, you need to assign a formula, calculate a transform, assign anisotropic levels, etc.

    Anything less than that basically involves hitting "Random" and praying.

    Is there any fractal generating (not really into zoomers) software more suitable to my delicate artists temperament?
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    Re: Fractal software for math morons

    Hey Doug,

    A few years ago I read a book titled 'A new kind of science' by Stephen Wolfram, the chief designer of Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha.

    In his book he explores something called cellular automaton, and it's possible used to solve complicated simulation problems.

    Take a look to that wiki page, and do a google for 'cellular automaton image'. These images are created with a seed, a set of rules, and a number of iterations. The are a few rules that produce really interesting results!


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      Re: Fractal software for math morons

      Most of the CA images don't do anything for me, but I quite like these.
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        Re: Fractal software for math morons

        YES.. I saw one of those images yesterday. Amazing!


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