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    It seems like no matter what 3D software I'm using, even Photoshop, I can't navigate worth spit. Am I just stupid, old, or am I missing some crucial bit of information?

    Everything always starts out promising. I move an object up and down and rotate it. Then I do the same with the camera. Everything works smoothly and I feel like I'm in control.

    But then, as soon as I try to do anything actually useful, I almost instantly end up looking at the bottom of my model which is now launched into the sky upside down and I can't get anything back to the way it started (exaggerated for effect, but not by much).

    So what am I missing, or is it a gene that I'm missing?
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    Re: 3D Navigation

    Well thats a good question for Steve Caplin. I took his course and it helped a lot. I think the problem is practice. It takes a while. I tend to have the same problem too.


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      Re: 3D Navigation

      I actually had a private session with Steve about just this. He patiently showed me everything I asked, and I honestly thought I had it under control.

      Then I tried it on my own and ZIP! up in the sky/through the floor/etc.

      He even tried to help me with Poser, which I can't seem to use without hopelessly twisting joints/neck into lumpy pretzels.
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Re: 3D Navigation

        Now you know why I stick with 2D GIMP Doug. lolol

        Oh, I've toyed with 3D programs, but my brain's just too lazy to learn new tricks.


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