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Is Fractal Art Boring, Too Hard, or an Oxymoron?

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  • Is Fractal Art Boring, Too Hard, or an Oxymoron?

    I love fractal art. I could stare at it all day long. I find it fascinating (in the literal sense of the word). But I seem to be in the minority.

    Let me clarify that by "fractal art" I do not simply mean "pictures of fractals".

    Random examples of what I do mean:

    I'll admit I can't do much with fractals myself. Perhaps there's a clue there. The learning curve is too steep, or the path from "here" to "there" too opaque.

    But even when googling for this post, most of the examples I liked best were found in wallpaper collections (IMO "wallpaper" is the visual equivalent of elevator music).

    My personal taste leans towards the more abstract. I find the more literal depictions tend to be cloying and cliched.

    So are these the reasons fractal art doesn't have a larger following?
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    Re: Is Fractal Art Boring, Too Hard, or an Oxymoro

    I keep thinking how cool these images would be coupled with some nice typography. Might have to try it.


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