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My first 3D pic... It's a lightsaber :D

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  • My first 3D pic... It's a lightsaber :D

    Hello all! I made this sometime ago, when I started to mess around with the curves tool to make stuff look metalic. My goal was to make it as 3D realistic as possible. I spent some time on this one really trying to get the highlights down to make the object look round. This lightsaber is not a replica of any of the known Star Wars Jedi, it's my own creation. I still have some work to do on it, but I'm kinda stuck on making it look more real. The only filters used in this picture are default filters in PS. Please let me know what you think and if you have a suggestion on how to make it look more real.

    Thank you all again,

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    Jess, you've done a great job on this; I would say that this looks real. However, it looks like a "sterile" photo -- taken in a light box on a white background.

    If you wanted to add to the realism, you would need to place it on a textured surface, and add reflections from the space around the 'saber itself.



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      You've done a great job on the design, but I see what you mean - it looks rather like an illustration of a lightsabre in the Jedi Training Manual (or whatever they have) rather than entirely photorealistic. In addition to Jeff's suggestions, maybe it needs to look more "lived with" - some scratches on the metal and so forth?


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        Thank you both for your comments!

        I was thinking about adding in some more to the background and a surface for the saber. I just don't know what trype of surface to put it on, I mean I also want to keep that within the realm of Star Wars too. I like the idea of adding scratches to it, however I want this to be a newly created saber. I do see your point of making it look used to add to it's usefulness.

        I'm going to add the bigger version of this pic since I feel you'll be able to see more details in the surface.

        Thank you all again,



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          One small problem is that we can not see either end of the sabre. Change the angle just a tad and show an elipse at the bottom of the handle and I think it will look a lot more 3D.


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            bearwolf1... I agree with you on showing one of the ends of the handel. I am still trying to decide on which end I'll show off to complete this image. I hope to re-work it within the coming month. Thank you for your comments.



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