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Photo Restoration - My wife

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  • Photo Restoration - My wife

    I lost my wife to cancer in 1990, and when hurricane Andrew came through here in 1992 it destroyed all the pictures my sons and myself had of her, except for the one old picture I had been carrying in my wallet since 1954. This year before Christmas I took the old picture, scanned it and then worked on retouching it so all of us would have at least one fair picture of her. I have attached the old originial and the after pictures.
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    Not sure what happened to the original on the first post, have attached it to this post.
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      You did a beautiful job on this. It was obviously done with great love in your heart.

      My condolences on her loss. Just from the picture its easy to see she was a wonderful lady.


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        you did a wonderful job, and i can't think of a more precious gift.

        there was a restoration challenge - calm before the storm it was called - that was of a wedding photo for some folks that lost all theirs to camille. not photo friendly, these hurricanes.


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          Thanks for your comment. I really enjoyed doing the photo.

          I learned!!! Now any photos that I take that I want to be sure I have a copy for safe keeping I burn them to a CD.

          I had thought of offering the service of scanning photos and burn them to CD's for customers so they would have a copy they could store away in a safe place to protect them from Hurricanes and fire. Instead I am now retired and enjoying my digital photography and a little restoration and retouch. Being retired also gives me the time I need to get more familiar with Photoshop.


          Thanks for the comment, both of my sons really like the photo. I framed theirs and gave it to them on Christmas.


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            Excellent job George and I'm glad you didn't loose that also in Andrew's wrath. Sure am sorry about your loss. She was a very lovely lady. I guess that's when our photos mean the most, when the person's no longer around to pose for us. My photos are the first things I try to protect when the hurricanes are coming because of those who lost so much during Andrew.


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              You did a fine job on the picture. I'm sure the restoration will be something your boys will cherish for years to come. Sorry for the loss of your wife and the other pictures you had of her. Just make sure you have more than one file saved in case of another possible loss.



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                your restoration is beautiful.


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                  excellent job!!

                  as far as saving photos to cd, keep in mind that the average cd has a life expectancy of 15years before it starts to oxidize. I would suggest that you have images that you want to archive to send to a lab and have a negative made of the file, then put in the old safe deposit box.