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Irrational phobia assignment

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  • Irrational phobia assignment

    This is my first post here in retouch pro. This is my latest piece i worked on for my maps/mattes/masks class here at the art institute of fort lauderdale. The teacher asked us to represent any irrational phobias.It probably took me about 15 hours to finish it....I guess the picture speaks for itself....
    I'm looking forward to hearing any opinion and critiques!!!
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    hehehe...."Fear something different" hehehe...i like it

    good composition. it tells a story. communicates very well. very nicely done! i wouldnt change a thing.



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      Hi there, renzonski. Welcome to RetouchPRO

      I'm not too good at abstract / non-photographic stuff, so I'll just go by some first impressions..
      - the split left/right guy seems like a good start, though I didn't understand where the guy with glasses in the middle fits in;
      - the shadow guys at left right could have been emphasized more, they are quite difficult to make out.
      - maybe the little scared guys in the middle should have some shadows, so as not to look simply pasted in to the image;
      - are those i-pods? We don't have them here in Brazil. Is that what they're scared of? If so, maybe they should be a bit more daunting, not just pleasantly curved.
      - some sort of composition trick could be used to "lead" the eyes around, sortta tell us where to look;

      As for actual execution, everything seems well done - no strange artifacts to be seen

      In general, I think you could just help us a little to understand what's going on.
      But then again, I did say that I'm not too good at this.


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        Ro always gets me looking at these things again, so i'm going to amend my first post. these are primarily personal choice things, and not faults with the image. but, i'd add some contrast to the whole. it gives it more depth. and two, i darkened it just a touch because this is a 'dark' subject matter (done in jest, i hope, but supposedly dark). and three, i altered the blue down the vertical from the left side about a third of the way over. again, all three of these are pretty subjective items, but if you only did one of them, add the contrast. the depth will give it more punch.

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          Nicely done, Craig!
          I was looking too much at the details, and forgot about the overall contrast.


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            You could maybe give those people in the middle the Ipod look we see in advertisments. I appended an example.

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              thanks Ro.

              in all honesty, though. i do like the original. it's a great montage!



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