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  • First photo art...

    This is my first attempt at photo art. Be gentle.

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    gentle? us? i refuse! that's a fine piece and i refuse to not say so! what a great montage! very well done! i could probably find something picky with this, but i really dont want to. it's nicely constructed, well rendered and says what it's supposed to say. so nit-picking on this one seems wrong to me. it's a done, why do more



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      Must say I like it, interesting idea


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        That's great! I like the concept; simple, focused, to the point and well rendered. I'm totally supportive of keeping things simple and this is a great example.


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          I'm new. Can you explain how you did that? Beautiful concept.


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            I Loved the idea it's slightly similar to the recent post
            This is where i now loose it ! I walked away from the computer and then thought which way round was it? Is the artist painting the girl in colour OR is he making her into a sketch told you gone loopy ! ! ! ! ! !



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              Palms it is a bit like math or chemistry, know the rules, don't question the method, just know it for what it is


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                very nice!!

                Very nice and interesting work!

                i would only suggest that you enhance the shadows on the grayscale areas a bit. that, i think, would give you more volume and contrast on the image.

                once again, congratulations!!

                george rutherford


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                  Nicely done. Can you go into detail on how you did it?



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                    Originally posted by MBChamberlain
                    This is my first attempt at photo art. Be gentle.
                    Let me echo the afore mentioned kudos, Michael. Brilliant concept and nicely executed.



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                      "Do you ask a bird how it flies? Or a fish how it swims? Nossiree, you don't."

                      Just kidding. The image on the easel was shot like you would any other. The sketch image had a flat “home shopping network” lighting.

                      For the over all sketch effect, duplicate the layer, invert, blend with color dodge. At this point the whole image should be white. Now run Gaussian blur on the top layer, radius to taste. Flatten and desaturate. Run the chalk and charcoal filter and fade it to about 20% blended with multiply (this gives it a little texture).

                      The photo area has four stages. One layer is the actual image, the second is a photo art layer to look like a roughly colored pencil sketch, the third is an inverted, desaturated, and blurred glowing edges effect, and the fourth is the same as the sketch with a lower opacity and all the detail painted out.

                      Mask the four layers over each other to make it look half done, and mask the sketch layer over it. I roughed up the edges of the drawing area a bit.