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  • Retouch critique

    Hello !
    I made a small retouch of a photo i found on

    What do you think ?

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    I like it and think you're doing well. However... for some reason I just can't take my eyes off the peeling nailpolish. Maybe that could be cleaned up a bit? Besides that I like it.

    Wait gotta add, just noticed the eyebrow and you can see where it was... well, it looks shaved?


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      Very nice work, suchyy.

      Only some minor comments....
      1) There seems to be some slight banding on the right cheek, although that may have appeared only when posting for the Web;
      2) In the left eye, the white has invaded the bottom right ot the iris;
      3) Like twinkissed observed, the blue fingernails are quite distracting. To me looks like she got her fingers caught in the car door!

      All in all though - Congratulations


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        Very nice work Suchyy!
        A few things in addition to those already mentioned.

        Eyeshadow- everything in the image has undergone a change in hue, except the eyeshadow, which makes it look strange somehow... I cant seem to put my finger on it..
        Eyes - they're not even, in her right eye (left on the photo) you've kept the natural colouring (green with brown flecks) however the other eye is almost entirely green (and a slightly different shade) Also the enlarged pupil makes her look a bit freaky (though you might have been going for that look, if so its fine )
        Nails- I dont think there is any need to remove her nail polish or change the colour (unless you want to) but you should fill in the chips at least

        Overall, very good and a MASSIVE improvement on that first Angelina pic you posted


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          Veric nice interpretation. Here's one going the other way, towards a sharper look.

          I used the red channel as a luminosity layer to get rid of the freckles.

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            Hello again, thanks for all comments.

            I have to agree with all of things you pointed out, i did not notice blue nails and white color invading iris. I actually noticed missing eyebrow but while making 'post processing' on merged layers so I did not want correct it as probably it would not look as I would like it to.

            Nancy is right with eyes too I corrected right one and totally forgot about left (as it is actually a bit out of focus and partly in shadow :> ) I corrected it later and thought it looks ok, but as i see advanced users can still see the difference

            I am not going to make a new version now, cause you did not point out any major mistakes/problems. I will rather try retouching another picture keeping in mind what you wrote and trying not to do the same mistakes again


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              ok, i'll play the possible insensitive lout here and ask... what is that line which extends up from her nose over her right (our left) eye and up across her forehead? it appears to be a scar, or shadow line or i'm not sure what, but it looks a bit out of place. now, if that is a scar or some other real physical attribute, why fine, and i mean no disrespect or insensitivity to the person. but if it's not and it's just some shadow line or something of that nature, then it shld probably be touched out or reduced.



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