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  • Turning Back Time

    Thank you all for your ideas and input....

    Craig, I'm not insulted at being a oldy.... 51, isn't so bad if you say it fast enough. I've made some changes.... Now, would you like to see what I look like today?

    As for the thing around my head, there was a big Christmas tree that had to be cut away. LOL Ye haw for the lumberman!! PS the pink was probably a 'hot flash'

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    ah, if it were only that easy

    bear in mind that we may not be agreeing in monitor settings here. but i see an awful lot of pink here. like i say, could just be my monitor, but the cheeks in particular seem VERY pink, overly rosey.

    the neck and upper chest skin seem matted and flat. not real bad, but needs some texture. and there shld probably be a bit more shadow immediately under the jaw. also, there is a strange transition line on the neck as if the head were placed on the neck and not sewn together quite right. the upper neck looks painted or smudge where right below that line it looks pretty good. and then at the necklace it goes back to a more matted, smudged look.

    the background is good and so are the edges. the facial detail is good and the colors mostly so, except for those very pink cheeks.

    the whites of the eyes are a bit too white to me, but otherwise the eyes look good.

    the outside edge of the hair looks a bit cut and paste. not bad, but noticable. the inside edge (the part next to the face) has one area to the left and above the right (our left) eye that looks a bit smudged, being neither hair nor shadow.

    as for whether this makes you look 21 again, i wouldnt venture to say unless i had a picture of you at 21 it's a good picture, though, and even if all you did was lessen the pink in those cheeks, it would be quite a bit better.

    by the way, you being something of an 'old hand' here, i went a bit pickier than i normally might. it's a good picture, so dont take my comments as 'oh my god, you wrecked everything', please. you didnt.



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      played around for 10-15 minutes just the face/jaw area. Added shadow underneath jaw-line, whitened teeth, took out some of the pink, even skin tone and added some highlights...could do more, but ran out of time.. I think Craig's analysis is very good... keep going it is looking good.
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        Good analysis, Craig--and nice work, Nancy--the teeth look very natural, not overly whitened.

        Klassy--I'm with Craig! I WISH it was so easy to look 21 again! I like what you've done, aside from one thing--your eyes. The whites are too white--and the irises aren't colorful enough. It's a bit hard to tell what color they are, in your original...but even if they're hazel, younger eyes are a little more vivid in color than older ones, and these look too dull for that vibrant, youthful glow you've got happening in the rest of the image!

        After you finish brightening those eyes, you should hit the town in your best dress and dancin' shoes, Babe! You'll be irresistible!


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          Hi Candice,
          The shadow needs to go right under the jaw line.. I took your re-edited version (hope you don't mind) and threw in a shadow in a couple of minutes .. just as a rough demonstration, (really rough), it really needs more adjustment.. but you get the idea...Regards,
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            Thanks Nans

            Boy don't I wish that the double chin wasn't there! Ah, luck of the draw, I got my gramma's genes!


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              Looking really fine there for 51 Candice, I'd never have picked it


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                Craig, I'm not insulted at being a oldy....
                oh boy, that's not what i meant. i was referring to be an 'old hand' here on the forums, not in age!



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