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  • Critique please!

    Picked up this image from a preious thread, I am starting to do retouching and am just looking for feedback. Right now i'm a mechanical artist for an advertising agency in nyc...but i'm not challenged by the hardest mechanicals anymore.

    I really get into a zone when i'm retouching and working with photoshop and imagery so I wanna try to make a switch over. Read some Katrin Eisman books, they're great.

    Well, let me know what you think...I would greatly appreciate it. This image was about 15-20 min work.

    __Also love reading this site, many preofessional, talented ppl posting here. It's good to have something like this.
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    The quality is good but the colouring could use some work. You've applied some very orange foundation but you seem to have completely ignored her nose - which is still very pink (in comparision).
    And there doesnt appear to have been any work on the side of her face behind her hair


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      yea, i totally see that, shoulda spent more time really analyzing the color.....I added a little more of that midtone color she has on her cheek to her nose, also took down some saturation. thanks so much Nancy.
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