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  • My web site - Tell me what you think

    Well, after about three or four different layouts/menu styles, etc. I think I finally am satisfied with my web site. Other than adding content on these pages, and maybe adding a couple more pages, especially creating an info page (as it is I have my home page as the info also), I am pretty much done. Oh, I also need to add the meta-data ( I think that's what it's called, and I am not really sure here to add it). I would greatly appreciate everyone's input here. I have never done this before, and have yet to really totally figure out how to use GoLive to make my site, so I used Yahoo's Page Builder. I appreciate any thoughts you all have on this. Thank you

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    very nice, dawn. simple, easy to get around, bright, and informative.

    only thing i didnt like was the menu font. it's nice enough, but a bit difficult to least for this old man i was also wondering, being a novice myself at web pages, if, along with the rollovers, when you have an image that doesnt all fit on a page without scrolling, if it's possible to use scalable images that do fit and then if you clicked on it, you could see the larger size. you have to click on a thumb to enlarge and then it rolls over with the mouse, but could you click the thumb, do the rollover and then click again to enlarge or is that not possible?

    anyways, it's very nice and i like your work also.



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      Thanks,Craig. I really appreciate your input.

      I have no idea on earth how to do what you suggested. lol And I don't think it is possible with the yahoo page builder. I don't know anythign at all about html, and am just learning how to use GoLive, so for the time being I am stuck with that. I designed it to fit 1024x768. I read somewhere that 800x600 is now only slightly more used than that, so I went for the larger. It may be a bad idea, i don't know. Maybe I can go back and add new pages designed for the smaller view.

      I am frusted that in firefox the page does not center, which I thought was supposed to happen. But maybe I an confused. I have not looked at it in IE, I suppose I shuold though.

      ANyways, thank you for the suggestoins and compliments. I am thinking I will definitely go ahead at the time being and make the smaller pages for 800x600 view. Hopefully that will cover most everyone, and solve the scrollign issue.




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