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  • First Try at Make-up

    It'll be obvious. Attached are the original, my orginal enhancement, and my final enhancement when I decided to tackle teeth and make-up.

    I came here looking to benefit from some critique as I am seriously hanging out my shingle. Mostly I have done restoration but I'll bet I mostly get contemporary stuff like this, so that's what I am currently practicing.

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    I always start with the bad so it ends on a happy note
    I dont like the motion blur, but thats a design choice not a technical issue. The masking on the hair is downright awful - I'm assuming its cut out rather than masked - learn about masking
    Great work on the teeth! Teeth can be tricky but you've done a great job.
    As for the makeup - what makeup? I cna see a slight difference on the eyes that looks like you've tried to give her blue mascara - very 80s (well breif recurrance in the mid 90s but the least said about that the better )


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      Ok. Where do I begin.

      As you say, some things are just stylistic choices. But, that's important to critique. Without taste, I won't be very successful. However, you do have to work within the limits of the picture you were given.

      My initial thought when I first saw this picture, and I never considered anything else, was: you could tighten the frame but you'd still only have part of picture, or you could leave the framing alone and focus the viewers' attention on her. That's why I chose the motion blur.

      You are absolutely correct about the hair, it is sloppy. I meant to go back and fix that.

      I take it as a BIG Compliment when you say "What make-up?" First she chose the eye-shadow I didn't. What I was talking about was (1) I retouched her make-up because it no longer looked fresh (2) Though its far from a blow-out, I thought that the shine on her face needed brought down (3) I wanted to soften-up and cover the muscle and veins in her neck. Also, and I know its hard to see in the before-and-after, I filled in her eye-lashes and eye-brows, put the color in her irises, and softened her dimples because they seemed a bit too deep.

      So, thank you. I certainly accept the criticsm about the hair mask -very amateurish.


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        I missed your point about the Blue Mascara. Absolutely correct. I had forgot about that. I did it because of her really great blue eyes, which don't show well in this pic.

        Do you know how intimidating make-up can be? I mean, I don't have a clue! I know there is this whole 'technical' issue of how you make your face look longer, or accent your eyes or de-emphasize your nose. Honestly, I have thought about finding someone that could teach me about it, maybe even let me practice.


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          Hi Blue dog. I appreciate the fact that you were trying to enhance your photo, but an image such as this with the subject not being completely visable doesn't really warrant doing much work. Try to get an image with a better composition if possible. Blurring out the background doesn't really make much of an improvement. Get an outstanding photo and then give it your all. steveb


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            Well, if a customer wants a photo enhanced what do you do? He's a friend and due to operator error this was his best shot of the day. Besides, I think you are being a little harsh for everyday folks and their pictures.

            Yet another who doesn't like the motion blur, huh?


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              Hi Blue Dog. When you post an image here for a critique, that's what you get whether we agree to disagree or not. Many people post here and don't always like to hear someone's opinion or like the discernable truth. No critique should ever seem harsh if that's the way you take it, be prepared to take the critique and try to learn from it. This is not a putdown forum and you may not like what others have to offer. When you start with a substandard image there's not much you can do to make it better. Many of the old timers here will tell you the same thing. Ask your client to provide, if possible, a better source, then your results will be better. Stay at it. steveb


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                SteveB2005, advising someone to find a better photo is not a critique, and not helpful at all. I can't tell you how many customers have brought me very bad snapshots for restoration/retouching (if they had a better photo, I doubt they would need our services).


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                  No sweat. I don't mean to sound defensive but I did mean to "push back" a little. I came here because I KNOW I need to learn from critique by Pros. I tried at Smugmug, but they are all about "taking" pictures... and they are awfully nice to each other.

                  I've been doing all antique restoration and needed contemporary shots for advertising. My pictures of my extended family aren't useful for advertising because, frankly, my family is NOT pretty or even handsome. If I worked on them and put them up for critique, you would definitely ask Why? Maybe I should put up some nice B&W.


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                    Hi Vicki and everyone. I can accept your opinion that we don't always have choice of what pictures are available for improvement. If you look at some of the images of jewelry that people needed help with, the members who offered their help said the same thing that I did that it is difficult to do magic if there is not much to work with. I have seen your work Vicki and I think it is outstanding, some of the best here. Your source images IMHO were good enough however to do something with. There are exceptions I know. I guess in the future I will not comment on any original image that I feel is not a better source to start with. Of course the exception to this is restoration of extremely damaged and ancient photos that are in such bad shape that we scratch are heads and ask, where do you start. We are all different of course. I know for me that if the source image is not going to offer much improvement after putting in hours of work, I would turn it down. That's just me and I don't expect anyone to agree and that's fine too. Let's forget my critique and move it to more an opinion forum. Also, I remember posting one of my own images for an opinion and someone I think made the same comment that I made. Get another one or have it reshot. Anyway it's time to move on. steveb


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                      in some cases it's just not possible to 'get that shot over again'. in the above case, it looks to be a graduation. that comes once and it's gone. jewelry can be re-shot. it's jewelry. it's there, go take a better photo of it. but a graduation, a birthday party, a drunken orgy...the moment is there, you take the shot and that's it....moment over.

                      so, i sort of agree with both sides here. some things you can ask for a better image or a re-shoot, and some you just cant. i mean, it never hurts to ask, but realistically, the moment is the moment and the person is giving you THE moment they want to improve and wont have another just like it.

                      and blue dog,
                      Honestly, I have thought about finding someone that could teach me about it, maybe even let me practice.
                      hehe, i'm getting worried about you already, mate, and you havent been here that long

                      i dressed up as a woman once in my life...for halloween. i'll NEVER do it again



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                        I checked out your work and...well I'm sure that you are used to it, but........

                        And concerning 8020 in particular.....


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                          Hi Blue Dog.

                          The missing bits are not impossible to recreate. Especially if you have more pictures.
                          Just an idea.

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                            Here is a thought: a bad photo can make a good painting. This isn't finished by any means, needs a lot more work, but will give you a good idea what can be done.


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                            Last edited by Nanls; 04-14-2006, 12:11 AM.


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                              This should draw some fire

                              Thanks Nancy,

                              That's an area that I haven't got into yet. I'm tempted, but trying to focus on the basics right now. I did make an exception though, for an unsalvagable picture. This from 1936, its my great-grand-aunt and daughter. I know its cheesy but my family actually loves it. What do they know?

                              OK. Here's more fodder!



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