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  • Alley

    Here is a picture I took on a recent trip to Florida. I touched it up and decided to post it to see what can be improved. My only stipulation in doing the retouch is that I didn't want to alter the elements of the photo such as removing objects or replacing them with other photographic elements (such as swapping out the sky for another sky.)
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    Goose to me it looks great, could even be the answer to "How can this be done... : under "Restoration, Retouching, and Manipulation". Being totally ignorant of Florida and having an understanding through travel advertising that it is very similar to our Queensland, I cannot associate at all, but even so, it has spirit, depth and a wistfulness which I like, sort of a little eerie, care to share your method? Love the stark contrast


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      i like the shot and the technique, but it lacks a story and is therefore a 'shot'. it's a good shot, but nonetheless a shot. some old grizzled man or lady of the night or child or something needs to be added to give it a story. and since you said you didnt want to remove (which i wouldnt anyways) and since you said 'to see what can be improved', that's what i'd do, add someone in there for the story. basically, what you've got is a great background; it just needs a foreground now.



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        Cassidy & Kraellin,

        Thanks for the great comments. It lets me see it in a different light and really helps me to focus on what you both see when you look at it.

        Kraellin, although I agree that a photograph should communicate something akin to a "story" I don't know that I agree that all photographs need to have people in them because if not they're just backgrounds. I do however value your observations.

        Cassidy, the main focus on the retouching is actually quite simple. I took and brought each portion of the photograph to what I considered it's best tone on separate layers, and then masked the unwanted portions of the photograph on those layers leaving only the retouched sections of each. The concept is simple, the execution on the other hand requires quite a bit of work to get the photograph "just so". I know there are programs and plug-ins that claim to do the same faster but you give up quite a bit of control using then and in this case I am more interested in arriving at a quality image than I am in giving up control for speed or ease.

        I am not familiar with Queensland but in terms of the look of this photo, this is not what people normally associate Florida as looking like. At least not me.


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          Kraellin, although I agree that a photograph should communicate something akin to a "story" I don't know that I agree that all photographs need to have people in them because if not they're just backgrounds. I do however value your observations.
          goose, yup, that's fine. whatever you want to do there. i just suggested a few ideas, not a 'this must be this and only this' type thing. so, whatever you want (or dont want, for that matter). the main point was.... it needs ... something.



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            I like the photo a lot. Love the angels and play of light. To me the open gate at the top of the stairs is the "story".


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              I think it's a nifty image and I have to beg to differ with Craig - every picture needn't tell a 'story' and you don't necessarily need people to tell one if that's your aim. Places and things can be as eloquent as anything else. And Swampy's observation is right on the mark. (I didn't notice it on first viewing - good eyeballs, Swampy)

              The only thing I'd do differently in this case - though I understand your not wanting to add/remove anything - would be to 86 the satellite dish (and its shadow, almost forgot) to un-fix the image in time.

              Nice photo and a good job of retouching.



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                dee dee,

                good point, the story being what's not there as opposed to what is. who opened the gate, where'd they go and so on? ok, i'll buy that.

                and dk, read my post again. i did point out it didnt have to be people.



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                  It's a great shot! Beautiful work in putting it together too. I agree with dkcoats, I'd get rid of the dish and its shadow. I don't know that it needs anything more since I tend to like pics with no people in them, and that tells a story in itself. If it DID need something, I'd probably add flowers on the balcony/rail to pretty it up (pretty lame, but would attract some interest from some) or some lacy undergarments and stockings hanging on the rail (or a pair of destroyed jeans).

                  I think it's a great looking photo.



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