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Digitally Airbrushed Car

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  • Digitally Airbrushed Car

    hi guys, my newest work... airbrushing a car

    1)source A tha car
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    2) source B ... the DRAGON
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      the final version...all critics allowed
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        Looks pretty cool. I think you did very well with it. You did great in making the reflection show through the dragon. I think that adds to making it look realistic.


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          Great job seamlessly combining to two photos! That’s one mean looking dragon! I wonder if he will help prevent door dings?



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            A question?

            Is the original "source a" photo airbrushed or was the dragon airbrushed onto the car? I'm confused, sorry.


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              I've digitally attached the image onto the car (maybe I'm wrong call this "airbrushed")


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                Looks pretty good.
                I'm wondering if you used a diplacement map? My guess is no.
                Have you tried that? It works wonders for this type of work.


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                  I've tried it but I'm not be able to map the colors correctly (follow: power distort ).

                  Any ideas in how to correctly map the colors?

                  thanks in advance


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                    very cool work - i like it! It looks real.

                    As for the girl on the cube.. meh -use 3d. Its far more flexible and easier. there are also tools in PS for creating 3d objects with images applied


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                      I'm not sure what you mean about "mapping the colors".
                      Also, "power distort", not sure what that it is either, but it seems like a lot of work.
                      This is what I meant:


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                        oh well, I know both the method You post with the pdf file. Using a blurred grayscale image is the basic procedure with displacement map, but, how You can see in the power distort tutorial, wtih a correctly mapped colors You can achieve better results (see the cube and others examples).

                        So, thank You for the pdf i re-try with others images (as You can see the image was posted 1 year ago) and post it again for other constructive critics (like Yours and others).

                        Thanks again, I'll try to improve this tecnique


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                          It looks great. I can stand look back the dragon if passing by that car.

                          I also have to try to improve displacement map skill. So far...I'm staying long~~~ at a basic steps. Do you mind I'm going to give it a try with your source?


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                            ok Venivedi, got it


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                              Thanks ApWizard. I'm having some trial and error with that.
                              # After transforming the dragon with perspective
                              then duplicate that layer twice.
                              # First, hide the dragon layer, then Select>Color Range>Midtone(at Car image), Shadows, Highlights in order.
                              # With each saved selections I made each mask for three dragon layer. Then tried changing their layer blending modes.
                              That's about it.

                              Layer Pallette of Attached Image

                              I haven't used D-map yet...By the way it's a little out of control from the start. Wish me luck. ^^;;;

                              p.s. Just a question...When did you apply D-map? I mean Earlier part or later part in the processes?

                              Here's what I came up with.
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                              Last edited by venivedi; 11-30-2003, 09:28 AM.


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