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  • New member requesting critique


    I have just joined the board here at RetouchPro, I have been a photographer for a number of years and have occasionally put my hand to restoration. I have recently started working for a printing company and have found that I am frequently being asked to retouch or restore work pre-press.

    As there seems to be a massive wealth of talent on the board I would like some feed back on a few of the jobs I have done (all repro'd with permission). Also to see if people have suggestions about how I might improve.

    Scanning (via xerox dc240) at 600dpi (no descreen etc available)
    Manipulation done on CS2
    Primarily using Curves, Cloning and Healing.

    I hope this is not too many images, I have read the guidelines and feel that the images below are a concise sample..


    Before - client had attempted to restore and sent me the tiff


    Another Before


    Last one..


    There are plenty more but I don't want to get a name for spamming the board..

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    Re: New member requesting critique

    Tom, just for future info. You could have uploaded up to 5 of those shots (maybe split 4 and 2) right here in the RT for us to view. :-)

    Good stuff. One the first one, I found the skin tones to be a little pasty. Group photo good job. The last one is good, but I would like a tad more contrast. Just a small "S" curve.


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      Re: New member requesting critique

      Hi TomasD,

      Your efforts are very nice and I'm sure your customers were happy with them.

      I think those of us who do restorations have a preference on the look of the end results. I like to keep restorations looking as much like the original as possible. That said, on my monitor your examples look too contrasty and appear over sharpened causing blown highlights. There is a lack of attention to detail, specifically in the baby's face where part of the eye is missing and the lips are a bit unnatural.

      Your last example is very dark on my monitor and the whites of the eyes and part of the ear are blown out.

      I hope nothing I said was offensive to you and hope it helps a little.

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        Re: New member requesting critique

        If I was going to find comments offensive I'd be dum to post

        Thanks for your frank input.. and I agree in hindsight with all of whats said.. Strange how an outside view can concentrate your attention.

        I think I might need a monitor calibration :/


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          Re: New member requesting critique

          Thanks, Thomas D

          I learned the hard way about monitor calibration too, lol. My monitor should be checked again, which might have something to do with how I viewed your examples.

          When I first started restorations, my enthusiasm was so high that I over did everything! It took me a while before I relaxed and learned that detailing can 'make or break' a good restoration. Oh, and add a great deal of patience.

          Good luck,


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