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Is this a decent job restoring and colorizing?

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  • Is this a decent job restoring and colorizing?

    I'm sort of new at this so I really don't know if it would be considered a good job or not.
    I use PSP9, and although I'm familiar with it for retouching, restoring is a whole new ballgame.
    The picture was taken about 1906 and is my Grand Dad and his sister.

    1) I scanned the image at 300 dpi and cropped from the original mat.
    2) Used the scratch remover and clone brush for repair of damaged areas, blemishes and dust specks.
    3) Used Chromatic Abberation to remove stain saturated area in lower right and ultimately grey scale of entire photo, then aged it to approximate the original.
    4) Hand colored using different layers for each color used. Blend mode for each layer was color with opacity at 60. The layers for the dress, the shirt and the back drop were really "Vibrant", so I changed the blend modes of those layers from Color to:
    Darken for the shirt and dress
    Multiply for the Background

    I don't really know if the steps were right or not. Any help or suggestions are welcome.

    Keith Hailey
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    Re: Is this a decent job restoring and colorizing?

    Thanks...your explaination of what you did was excellent!


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      Re: Is this a decent job restoring and colorizing?

      Thanks for the response, Skydog. I'm hoping to get some advice on some way to do it better, easier and faster. I haven't learned all the Automated stuff in PSP9 yet, so I seem to fall back on what I used to have to do in version 3 (a long time ago).

      Thanks again, Keith


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        Re: Is this a decent job restoring and colorizing?

        Excellent work. The whites are fantastic. I always find that so hard to achieve, but yours just jump right off the page!


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          Re: Is this a decent job restoring and colorizing?

          First off, I'm hypercritical, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt.

          I think your work is just short of being really good.
          The biggest problem is that the most important features are too heavily blurred. The softening, blurring, smoothing, or whatever you used on the details, is way too strong. It's odd, but you've lost the detail in the individuals and their clothing, but kept it in most of the chair. You should work with tools that do not destroy the detail and texture., especially when it comes to the most important element of the photograph - the people.

          I like the skin coloring and hair, from what I can see. I think the wall and carpet colors are too strong, and take away from the subjects. I would go with soft, subtle colors instead. I would also want the background to transition more smoothly into the carpet, by choosing similar colors or less vibrant colors.

          Regarding finding a faster, easier, and better way to do these...
          Your first goal should be to do it better. Once you've mastered the techniques that give quality results, you'll find that doing these will automatically become easier and faster.


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            Re: Is this a decent job restoring and colorizing?

            Thanks Swampy. And Vikki, I need Hyper-critical. It helps me know what I need to work on next.
            As far as the detail in the chair and the people, The chair was the easiest. All I did to it was color it. The detail of the people I will work on, I think starting over with a fresh scan with a little higher resolution, then go from there.
            And as forth the colors, I feel that I am more at the mercy of the photo than anything. I've got to work on learning adjustment layers and coloring tools or something. You should see the pic with all layers set to "color" blend. Yikes. Day-Glow Hot pink dress and some really vivid blues in the shirt and background.

            Thanks again for the input. I'm goin' back to work now


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              Re: Is this a decent job restoring and colorizing?

              You might want to try some other methods for coloring.
              The method I use only has about 4 layers, and if you can used to the technique, produces some great results.
              Here's the method:

              Here's some I've done using the technique:


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                Re: Is this a decent job restoring and colorizing?

                I agree with Vikki Keith. Too much blurring, loss of detail and texture and poor colourization. Mind you she was also right about the chair where you kept the detail and lightened it. Check out Vikki's site, she will sort you.
                Tara. Vicky too.


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                  Re: Is this a decent job restoring and colorizing?

                  what a great job you did.
                  Tell the truth I did not like the colors. It seems it is little bit dull.
                  Why don't use better coloring?


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                    Re: Is this a decent job restoring and colorizing?

                    Thanks for the replies, Y'all. I've started reworking it from the beginning to see about keeping the detail but it just seems that I can't get the time to spend with it that I want to. I've gotten almost to where I can start the coloring again.

                    Thanks again for looking at it for me,
                    Keith Hailey


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