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Colorization and restoration critique please

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  • Colorization and restoration critique please

    I have been keeping to the shadows here, reading, studying, and practicing. Concerning colorization tutorials, I have tried three different methods found from this site. The one I like best, and used for the photo linked below, is "Primary Colorization", a tutorial I found in a post by Vikki whose work inspires me. I would appreciate any comments and advice to improve results.

    I posted my photo here:

    Which I restored from:

    I still have some questions. While I like the natural results achieved with Primary Colorization, I'm a bit frustrated as I can't seem to get the color range I want. Every image I've tried this with seems very pastel. Where's the emerald greens and velvety purples??? How can I get more vibrant colors like Vikki achieved here?:

    Still studying .......


    Post Edit 4-16-07: Adding attachment of my image as the links to the challenge area are currently not available. I would still love to have some critiques on how to improve as I'm not happy with my results
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    Re: Colorization and restoration critique please

    Don't know if this is any better but used levels and then used blending options a few times.
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      Re: Colorization and restoration critique please

      Thank you for your reply

      I think you may be right that mine needs a Bit more saturation..........more contrast? It lacks vibrancy.

      Do you the Primary Colorization method? Any ideas to get the vibrancy AS you paint?


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        Re: Colorization and restoration critique please

        I can't respond to your question since I don't know what the Primary Colorization Method is.

        I do, however, pick and choose from the following tutorials and I don't seem to have a problem with color.

        Hope this helps you.

        If you have a problem accessing just use

        and use the tutorial tab when on site.
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          Re: Colorization and restoration critique please

          Apologize for the bad links as the challenge area is not currently available. I have edited my original post to include an attachment of my image.