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  • Logo flying site

    My Dad is a flying instructor and the site he is doing doesn't have a logo. Being new to PS I gave it a go. Please feel free to CC or have a go yourself.


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    Re: Logo flying site

    Richard the concept is great, but you're better off doing something like that in Illustrator. This is because of color separations. If your dad wanted business cards, for example, it would be difficult for an offset printer to get a burgundy plate and a black plate out of a Photoshop file. It should be done in Illustrator using PMS (spot) colors.


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      Re: Logo flying site

      As far as the logo, consider putting time below Flying and use the prop to form the 'I' as well that really helps when using large objects in logo's.

      Swampy is right about using Illustrator if you have it but with a simple text design you can still get some awesome results with PS if that is all you have access to.


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