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  • Commerical Fashion Ad

    hi mates! this is my new work named "Fashion" a try for a commercial advertisement of cosmetics products. All critics accepted!

    Thanks in advance

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    source A

    source A
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      source B

      source B
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        Very well done! I like it.


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          Looks like a professional job to me. Good work. I think the design turned out great. Love the softened look of the title. You should post this in the main Gallery. It's really very good.


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            sorry but, where is the main gallery?


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              Kudos from me, too. Just awesome.

              RE: Gallery
              Point at the "menu" hot spot (top left), scroll down to Gallery and you're there.

              You can upload pics the same way as with thread posts.

              Keep up the gr-eat work. Look forward to seeing some of your other pics in The Gallery!



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                ok i made it!


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                  Overall, I like it, but if I were doing it, I would make the model more visible, and tone down the brushes a little.

                  BTW, the large brush looks like it would be good for dusting off Vinyl records, or CDs or puter guts.........


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                    Very nice!
                    I would also make the moddel more visible and maybe use a photo where the makeup things wasent lined up stright.



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                      fugitive - Overall, I like it, but if I were doing it, I would make the model more visible, and tone down the brushes a little.
                      I have to also agree with Fugitive here, when i look at a magazine for glamour shots i look to see the model first and then the gadgets the model is using for that look, yes i see your trying to sell the gadgets, but when that kind of item is sold they use a model to show the buyer the item that works for the model then hence will work for the buyer, do you see what i mean...?

                      Try adding your beautiful model as the main picture, with the gadgets of the make up brushes as a blended part of the picture.

                      I use models prefer make up and in the set is a small magazine, the magazine is showing off the items they sell by using each brush with the make up on the model, and each picture is of the model first.
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                        Good thing Mr. that's sound me like a foundamental error, and it this...and this image is so old ...


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                          It's a little 80's to my mind. I like the use of typography but the graduated fade, not so much. Again I like the "fashion" script font rather than the stark images of the brush.

                          Hope I don't come over too negative, because the overall feel of the image is unmistakably cosmetic.


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                            I think you did a fine layout. Having the fonts going opposite of each other has a tendency to make one actually read the print and still make the beauty of the model noticed. Centering the models eye in the "O" was a nice touch as well.
                            Afterall, the product is the brushes, not the model. Makes sense to me.


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                              I have to agree with LQQKER, the layout os good, the fonts are very well laid out and the effect does make you actually rea the text.

                              I think the overall balance is nice and soft, after all your selling the brushes not a girly magazine.

                              I cant fault it myself, i find it very effective.

                              Well Done !


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