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PSP Broken Mirror Challenge

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  • PSP Broken Mirror Challenge

    I sometimes mess around at another challenge forum, where they give you some graphic or other and you can do anything you want with it, so long as you use Paint Shop Pro. This was the challenge one week:

    I used various curly fonts and stuff to add some decoration to it and used Blade Pro to make it metallic... then I used a photo of myself and a shatter filter to break the glass. I had to do a lot of manual work to get it to look right, but I think it came out kinda neat. I threw it onto a cracked mud background with some clouds for the heck of it.

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    Exquisite work, OpalCat. I, too, would like to welcome you to RetouchPro.

    If you do any "Photo to Art" work (and I bet you do), we'd be honored if you'd share some more of your creations and techniques in the Photo-based Art forum.

    Again, welcome abord.



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      Welcome aboard. That is really awesome. I'm glad you shared that with us. You are very talented. I would never have known that mirror wasn't a copy and paste. Cool. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


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        Wow those are quite impressive results, and such a dramatic difference from the starting image! Outstanding work! I too would like to welcome you to RetouchPro and look forward to seeing more of your work. I love the detail work on the mirror frame and the broken glass looks very realistic! Well done.



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          Amazing! I'm speechless (which doesn't happen very often. )

          Can't wait to see your challenge entries!



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            Here are some of my other challenges...

            One thing I like about this place as opposed to that place is that here you actually give constructive criticism. Over there you could wipe your butt and scan it and you'd get "WOW!!!!!!! That is amazing! Great work!!!!! I can't believe how talented you are!!! GREAT IMAGE!!!!!!!!" every single entry by every single person gets that and no one gets any advice or tips or pointers on what they could have done differently. The challenges are fun to do but the community itself is worthless :P


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              That was hiliarious At the risk of sounding like that other place I loved them all. It's tough to critique something you've never tried yourself. I know I would struggle to get the objects to look that realistic. Your ornaments and the key in the door were really neat. I love the pinecones too. It's so realistic looking. You should try some of the manipulation challenges here. I bet you would bring a whole new perspective to them.
              At anyrate I'm glad you like it here and chose to join in the fun. There are some pretty nice members who call this site home.


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                This week's challenge was a photo of some corn on the cob, with the instructions: "We're going to have a summer picnic!
                This week's challenge must be incorporated into a summer picnic scene. You can use filters, hand drawing, bits and pieces of photos, but NO tubes or 1 complete photo. Have fun...."

                I decided to take it in a sort of different direction...


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                  I've played around with broken mirror type images myself, and jigsaw puzzles and the like. Never was quite satisfied with the results. I wanted more in the "cracks" than what I seemed to be able to create. Yours was no exception IMHO...yes, it was cracked, but a real cracked mirror would have more of whatever was the backing behind the mirror showing through.

                  I did go and check out the animation on that, however...that was cute - as was the line art type image that was scratching itself. Also liked the corn on a picnic. Nice use of shadows and the scale of the food was also realistic.


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                    Welcome OpalCat,

                    Nice to have another image manipulator on board at retouchpro. I really enjoyed looking at some of your other work. Particularly got a kick out of the mirror animation that was scratching her butt!

                    You will find this group very helpful and they will offer recommendations for improvement. You will get better results if you request the need for comments on areas of improvement when you make your post.

                    Glad to have you on board- Carl


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