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  • Critique on Latest Retouch

    Here is my latest attempted retouch. It is completely D&B, no blurring used. I would appreciate some in-depth critique on what I did well and most of all what could use some work.



    Thanks for any critique you can give!
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    Re: Critique on Latest Retouch

    I like it! It's not overdone (as many are).

    The only thing I noticed is you've taken the slight redness out of the hair - and I kind of like it red. But really, you've done a great job.


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      Re: Critique on Latest Retouch

      First of all let me see that you did some lovely, lovely work on her skin. I mean very nice. I always hate critiquing something but damit when I want some constructive criticism, I really want it and everyone tip toes around it. I don't believe in that, if someone sees something I never get mad. If it's good advice I take heed and if something I really don't think is right then I let it pass. So please, and this is for everyone, I have been at this for a very long time as have bunches of you so if I say something I never mean it bad, just as an idea. God I am so co-depependent, please somebody love me. Anyways, here are a few things I see.
      On her right and our left, just into her hair even with her brow is most likely a bit of her ear showing through but I'd cover it with hair, my eye goes right to it. I would also clean her right brow up a bit, it's a little "handle-bar moustache looking towards her ear and there is a black line between that brow and here eyeball. A nice, pronounced wisp of hari going towards the mouth can be nice and sexy but it either has to be their or not. The on that comes into her left side of mouth is more distracting than sexy. It should be a bit more heavy or cloned out completely as well as those stray hairs on her throat and that patch of skin. Also the one that falls down at the outside of her left eye and across her nice bit swoosh of hair is so light that I'd remove it. Her lips are beautiful but the catchlight, mid-lip, top should be toned down by about 25% I think but definitely not too much, it adds nice definition. Also the loose hairs whisping off of her head all the way around. I know that sounds like a lot but truly itl's not. The light is nice, with good catchlights in her eyes and again, her skin and lips are done beautifully.
      Please don't beat me up! Oka, one more thing. I don't know what the white object is behind her, I interpret it as a railroad crossing sign, (the x kind). It is not so bad where the bigger pieces are showing but on her right side of head there is on little triangle sticking out that I would get rid of . Okay, I am done now. I will be waiting for banishment and exile.

      Have a great night.


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        Re: Critique on Latest Retouch

        Haha thanks sweetlight. No worries, that was exactly what I was looking for. It's the details like that that I overlook due to waaaay too much time in front of the same picture. Thanks so much for the specific insights. I'll get on them and see what I can do!


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