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  • Critique needed

    I love this place, I am learning SO MUCH!
    This is my first retouch where I only used blur on the background - None on the face. Please don't comment on the cheesy background or the bad angle, I took this photo right when I got up because I wanted something that wouldn't be easy!
    So I used liquify(on my ear and one eyelid), clone stamp(on a few blemishes), Photo filter(to warm it up), and a seperate layer for dodge, and one for burn(for everything else)
    I want a natural look-Did I get it right?
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    Re: Critique needed

    I like your retouching, except for the eyes - I think they look a bit unnatural.

    Plus I'd warm up the photo a bit more - the skin is still a bit cold.

    And it would probably be a good idea to desaturate the shirt a bit - it's got funny casts all over it.