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old family photo (aunti)

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  • old family photo (aunti)

    im new to the forum and you could say im new to retouching but iv been playing around with retouching for a few years.

    here is an image i retouched/restored for a family member

    i would like to hear what you think.
    you can post good or bad Critiques (not to bad or youll be breaking the rules )

    here is a higher res image
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    Re: old family photo (aunti)

    I see no one commented so I will, I'm new here too BTW. I think you did a good job, although you missed the small white spot on the earlobe.


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      Re: old family photo (aunti)

      I think you did a good job. There are just small detail that you missed. Like hawkeye60 mentioned, the white spot on her ear, white spots above her right shoulder in her hair, white streaks under her chin, as well as white streaks along her right cheek in her hair. In her hair next to her left ear is a white streak which looks too bright to be hair. I normally do not do restoration if I am off disregard me.
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        Re: old family photo (aunti)

        While the eyes are always the most important feature of an image, it seems that in your restoration they just don't combine with the rest.

        The "after" image is quite blurry - except the eyes.
        In fact, when the original seems to have better detail than the restored version, it's a sign that something need to be improved.

        When restoring there are some parts that are easier than others, and you could take advantage of this. You could have cleaned up the background, you could have sharpened up the clothing. These are very quick, compared to the face, and help to give an impression of a "newer" photo.

        I had a quick try, just as an example. Can you see how your attention gets drawn to the sharp collar? - which is probably the easiest part of all !!

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          Re: old family photo (aunti)

          here is a little update
          after implementing some of byRo suggestions
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            Re: old family photo (aunti)

            the image is to soft looking probably best to start over also is it originally tinted,good idea to find out
            Just my opinion


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