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  • Simple Portrait

    critiques would be nice...
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    Re: Simple Portrait

    Nice photo of beautiful girl. Personally I'd like to see a different method for clearing up her skin. ect.. cloning, healing or dodge & burn. Also, would suggest cloning out single strands going across face and over nose. Also, you could work on the lips, particularly the indentations. Some would probably disagree but I also like to see some of the fly away hair left to give a more natural look. Don't mind me, when it comes to critiques I love to pick. Hope it helps.


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      Re: Simple Portrait


      You have this listed as a portrait and not a glamor shot. So with that in mind, I think you may have smoothed away some of her identity by overly smoothing and not accounting for facial structure. The changed jaw line and absence of cheek formation is what caught my eye in particular.

      The hair has a "cut out" look on the edges making the appearance quite unnatural with fly-a-way hair only against the skin.


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        Re: Simple Portrait

        You've flatenned the chin too much IMO.


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