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  • Like Planes?

    Here is a shot I took on Sunday, let me know what you think! it was raining and i was hungover so unfortunatly this resulted in me taking a very bad photo in the first place, I am however pretty pleased with the result.
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    Re: Like Planes?

    Nice retouch. I like the synchronised props and ominous sky.

    Maybe a bit more contrast and a slight bit of light on the edge of the ailerons as if catching the light from the horizon.

    If you darken the lower corners of the grass a bit it will lend a more dramatic framing for the plane.


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      Re: Like Planes?

      Thanks, I have had chance to edit it a bit more now, subtle changes but I think it looks much better
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        Re: Like Planes?

        That looks good. The mood goes well with the battered look of the aircraft.


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          Re: Like Planes?

          Looks great. I'm a newbie and would be interested to know how you get the sky to look so good. Like, what steps are involved there to do that.


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            Re: Like Planes?

            Hi, Thanks Liz.. to get the sky looking the way it does I used different exposure layers (different exposures shot in camera, but you could do it in a raw converter). You can also get the same sort of effect using HDR (search this forum there will be loads on it!) but its my opinion that it looks better done manually, with masks and the like! All in all though it just takes a lot of time passion :-)... Hope this helps, feel free to ask anything else.


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