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  • New Here - Self Editing Photographer

    Hi there!

    I edit all of my own work. I like to keep people looking natural, and flawless (if that makes any sense). I tend not to push it when it comes to adding depth around the hairline and things like that. Don't know why...

    I want to be world class in every respect. So be as brutal as you have to be!

    whole view
    close up of face
    retouched close up of face
    whole meal deal

    Thank You for looking. Any input is appreciated!
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    Re: New Here - Self Editing Photographer

    just too a quick look, you left the hair on her left cheek...


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      Re: New Here - Self Editing Photographer

      Originally posted by pixelzombie View Post
      just too a quick look, you left the hair on her left cheek...
      Yes I did. It didn't seem 'wrong' at the time......


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        Re: New Here - Self Editing Photographer

        I can understand the desire to keep the model looking as real as possible as opposed to the super clean images demanded by magazine covers. However, a few points that caught my eye:

        1. On my monitor the image looks to have a slight magenta cast. For example, the scalp at the hair parting in the closeup looks too pink. Maybe its just different calibration.

        2. Despite the "natural" look, I really don't think the single strand of hair down the middle of her forehead needs to be there.

        3. The shadow of her eyelashes on her left eye does not contribute to the image and makes her eye look flawed.

        4. The lines in her neck could be softened a bit even if you don't want to remove them. The lower one gives the impression of a faint double chin.

        5. There is a brown thread just over her left shoulder.

        6. There is a small white piece of skin/dust(?) just behind the nail of her right thumb. It looks like her skin is peeling.

        7. The shadows in her hair look a little too dark, but again this could be my monitor. For a high key shot, the hair seems a little dark overall. That rich reddish brown could be made to glow a little more.

        8. There is a shiny white spot on the carpet just above the top of her head near the edge of the picture in the closeup (or encircled by the curl of her hair in the full shot) and one more over her left shoulder that don't contribute to the image, even if you want to have speckles in the carpet generally.

        On the other hand, I'm just an amature, so what the hell do I know


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          Re: New Here - Self Editing Photographer

          Welcome to RP by the way... glad you posted !

          In keeping with your philosophy, I'm not bothered by many of the smaller details. If you want to be worldclass though, then you need to address those.

          However, the eyes do bother me. I would prefer the shadows be removed and the whites cleaned up a bit. Not spotless, just cleaner.

          Otherwise, very nice and looking forward to seeing more.


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