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My first shooting sessions and retouching

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  • My first shooting sessions and retouching

    Hi there I'm just starting to learn photography and retouching. These are pictures from my first and second photo session and my first attempt to retouching. All comments welcome, especially the one with ideas what to improve and watch out in future.

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    Re: My first shooting sessions and retouching

    Very nice shots. I think they serve their purpose and show good quality and attention to detail. It would be hard to comment beyond that because we don't know what the images are being used for. However, the type of retouch you did is fine and should be equally fine on your other work. Great work.


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      Re: My first shooting sessions and retouching

      Thank You TommyO

      As I said I'm just starting my photography/retouching carrier and want to earn money from it. All my knowledge when it comes to photography, lighting, composing and then postproduction and retouching comes from books, DVDs and internet tutorials. Now I trying to shoot as much as I can and then retouch these pictures to get some experience, practice and workshop so I could build some portfolio and start to charge for my work.

      These pictures are sth like a sample what I am able to do after learning all this stuff I've done until now. The main purpose of this sessions and retouching was to experiment with lighting setups, working with a model and then retouch the shooting effect so the look nice for my taste. Of course both of my friends are extremely happy with the results but I'm a perfectionist type and want to show these pictures to someone who is much better and more experienced then me.

      Another thing is that retouching every single picture took me sth like 5-6 hours. Of course I'm doing a lot of breaks and also spend some time on thinking comparing and experimenting with different tools but well I'm cleaning the image up manually using dodge and burn techniques, clone stamp and healing brush, this kind of correction it' extremely time consuming (maybe I'll speed up with time and practice).

      BTW As You wrote there is different retouching for different picture usage. Where can I lean how to retouch a magazine cover, promo shot, fashion, everyday portrait??? What are the differences in approach to this genres and what techniques should I use for each?


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        Re: My first shooting sessions and retouching

        Originally posted by R_Leszczynski View Post
        Where can I learn how to retouch a magazine cover, promo shot, fashion, everyday portrait??? What are the differences in approach to this genres and what techniques should I use for each?
        Those are big questions. Not enough room here to answer them, but many of the books out there do. One of the best methods of learning is working for someone else for a few years. You learn their techniques, which are the sum of their experiences from others. Learning on your own requires just what you have been doing... reading, watching, experimenting. It just takes longer.

        Looking at your work, I would say you are doing fine and seem to have a natural talent. Your presentation of light, color balance, tonality all seem to be very good. It is easy to tell that you understand photography. Whereas many people start the retouch with poor images and focus heavily on the retouch, you can start with a good image and use retouch to simply fine tune your work... which is the way it should be. You can always use a business partner, photographer friend/associate, or client to help make final decisions on the image.

        Best of luck !


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          Re: My first shooting sessions and retouching

          I'd love to work for someone as a assistant but this is quite hard in my country. Photography and retouching are not so popular and as far as my knowledge goes in this areas it's quit hard to get a job like this because it's not so popular. There are really few job offers in photography/graphic/design brands and if they are there is alway sth like 5 years of experience in "add agency needed" + art academy diploma + portfolio + good know what els. How the fu**.... I could get this experience when no one would hire me. Another bad thing is that You have to be known and have really good contacts in industry to get a job. When it comes to art academies in my opinion it a waste of time (5 years of learning drawing, paining and other classic art lots of theory but only the classic stuff) After this 5 years you have a diploma and can start to sell your painting on the streets. Absolutely no skill or knowledge in digital media, compute graphic, retouching, manipulation, design etc.

          So, what could I do.....

          Now I'm working with my friends and friends of my friends. I used to play drums for 8 years and have still some contacts in music society. I'm trying to get every one know what I'm doing and search for some nice models to work with for free so I could improve my lighting/photography and then retouching skills and others who would like to have nice photos and could pay some money for this. Music band and young high school could be quite good clients for start. When I'll have more retouched photos for my portfolio I'm planning to create an account on every one of this social group sites like myspace and phasebook. The last step is just sending email to all local photographers, add and model agencies and ask then if they want somebody for shooting or retouching. Unfortunately I don't have any more ideas for the moment. Of course I'm searching local job offer sites all the time.


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            Re: My first shooting sessions and retouching

            Any professional organizations, clubs, etc, that you could participate in.. even if just once a month? What about working for free with a photographer, even if just during their peak times to help with their overflow ? Many need extra help during weddings, etc., sometimes just to help sort images, apply metadata, get them printed, and so on. It gets you in the door where you can form a relationship and move up from there.

            Just some thoughts, no need to reply really.


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