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  • Natural retouch

    Is this ok lol?

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    Re: Natural retouch

    the texture on her forehead stands out too much and that shoulder blade looks unappealing and that lipstick line should be softened but otherwise it looks nice...


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      Re: Natural retouch

      Actually, the skin texture looks fine to me, depending of course on the taste of the ultimate consumer. What I would look at are:

      1. The fine lines running from under her right eye towards her nose. They give her a rather harsh look.

      2. The light fold line in her neck that ends in a "Y" shape under her ear. I would soften or completely remove the "V" shaped end of the line as it does not help contour her neck and is just an unnecessary wrinkle.

      3. There is a single strand of hair above her right eye that loops down to intersect with her right eyebrow. Since the eyes are always the point of visual focus, it (the hair) is fairly obvious.

      4. I would restore (or add) a little jawline shadow immediately under her right ear so that her jaw doesn't seem to fade into her neck. Or alternatively, paint in a very faint highlight at the edge of her jaw in that area.

      5. The scar (spot) right in the middle of the ridge of her nose again is quite obvious due to the highlight of that area.

      6. Since you have lightened her face, you might want to lighten the right corner of her mouth just a little so that she does not look quite so grim.

      7. This one I'm not so sure about, but you might consider using the liquify tool to increase the curve of her breast just a tiny bit (no silicone jobs) to balance the line of her shoulder, as the camera angle and cropping is making her look a bit stick-like and/or hunched over.

      As always, these are my own opinions and you can allow them to self destruct if you don't agree :-)


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