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My first retouch, need feedback

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  • My first retouch, need feedback

    Hello everyone, I just joined Retouch Pro yesterday and am looking for some feedback! So tried to retouch an image, final image looks odd to me for some reason, need a professional eye to guide me
    • Re-shaped face
    • Smoothed Skin
    • Messed with hair a bit

    I attempted to extract the model from the background, kinda tough, still workin' on that.

    My skill level is beginner I assume. Although I do consider myself a pro graphic designer

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    Re: My first retouch, need feedback

    First, Welcome to RetouchPro !

    Considering you haven't done many retouches, it's a good start.
    We often never mention all the little stuff you had to work on to get it this far. So, I do recognize that.

    However, my biggest issue is with the skin. And that may be what you say is "odd" looking. So, work on that. The other odd thing are the natural proportions of her face... quite different. For a practice retouch though, not worth worrying about. Just focus on technique and results of the critical areas.


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      Re: My first retouch, need feedback

      Thank you for the feedback. Yeah, you're right, the skin is off. Is it too light? As for the proportions, what is off there? Can't put my finger on it.


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        Re: My first retouch, need feedback

        Darkened her skin a bit.
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          Re: My first retouch, need feedback

          Great Job!


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            Re: My first retouch, need feedback

            Yes, her skin is light out front, as if too much lighting.

            Her unique facial features are:
            - shallow brow;
            - wide and deep orbits;
            - low long chin;
            - large lower lip.
            I would just hold it up to another image and compare.


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