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Portrait of Juliette

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  • Portrait of Juliette

    Portrait is almost done, and I'm pretty happy with it.
    This is just a screen cap of it from yesterday, and it should be finished today. Do you want to see it or not.
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    Nice work Greg Now I could be totally off track here, but is the Juliette in question, Binoche(?)?

    Nice painterly feel, that I know you strive for in your work, overall a pleasing portrait (sorry if I sound trite)


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      Wow, very nice Greg.


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        Very good Greg. It's about time to teach a class!



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          Thank You all. Of couse it's Binoche, I'm not that bad that I make people, where I have to go, hey, it's uncle Bud, can't you tell?
          This format bugs me, as I can't read what you wrote while writing the reply.
          I did a few stage images on this to show in another group, so it may be possible to do a tut, excepth for one thing. I DONT DO TUTS. I'm not good at putting book pages together, which is what a tut is, and I can't usually remember all the steps, because I don't have to think too much about it as I do it. All I know is, it's getting easier. My first one, which is in my gallery, I think, had to covered with a machine effect, cause it looked so bad.


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            Greg... This is awesome.

            Forgive my ignorance, but as a general technique, do you use a photo for reference and then more-or-less freehand it via tablet into your application (PSP, right?), and then fine tune from there?

            Back to the image: Stunning.



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              Yes for reference, but I pull the colors directly from the photo, unless it's a b&W, then I make them. I like to have a nice large image with lots of detail. This is the only way to get what I want as I'm never gonna meet the people I want to paint. I've never been so happy to work. I have more projects lined up(in my head) that I'll never finish, but that's a good thing. I don't know if I can make a tut or not. I don't even know if it's a worthwhile thing.


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                OK it's done, no it's not, it's done, no

                it's not. Those that paint know the feeling, it starts deep in your gut, floats up to your brain, and sits there bubbling, I can't finish this painting, I don't know how. Will they like it? on and on and on

                here it is
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                  I think that your portrait is absolutely stunning....


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                    Thanks Flora, I had to fix a couple a things on this one. It's done, but not complete. I'm not going to post the repaired one, as it seems redundant.


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                      I had a look at your Gallery.....all your work is wonderful!!!!....I could see the tears welling up in the eyes of the boy of "the agony of defeat".....


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                        Thank you, but it's not a boy, but Svetlana Khorkina, a famous Russian coalition gymnast, who has won more awards than almost anyone. She is happy now, as she lives in the states.


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                          I hope Svetlana doesn't read the RP post..........


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