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Hows my cleaning up??

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  • Hows my cleaning up??

    hi all

    so basically i did some cleaning up, need some good advice for more improvement.



    Btw i learned alot from you guys, thanks alot ^___^

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    Re: Hows my cleaning up??

    Good. A nice image to work with. We've seen that one many times. The images did not have an embedded color profile and looked a bit off in their color. So, I won't say anything about color.

    I did circle a few minor blemishes to fix and highlighted where there was a bit too much highlights remaining under one eye.

    Sorry, I don't recall your experience level. So, I always assume you're still practicing.. otherwise why would you post it. In that respect, I think it's very good. You may want to move on to doing more detailed work on skin refinement.
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      Re: Hows my cleaning up??

      thanx TommyO for the illustrated mistake. hehehe i appreciate it

      sorry about that, i dont know anything about the "embedded color profile", actually i was in this retouching thing about last month, so im still learning from you guys.

      can you show me please what should i do with the color, coz i cant get what you mean of "embedded color profile and looked a bit off in their color"

      super thanks BTW ^___^


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        Re: Hows my cleaning up??

        When we work on an image in PS, we have set up a "color space". I would assume you're using either ProPhoto RGB or Adobe RGB as your color space. They have wider color gamuts and are the most popular for photography and retouch.

        However, when you save a file out for the web, it is usually converted on the fly to sRGB, a much smaller gamut designed for universal use around the world. Most of the time, sRGB is then embedded into the jpg file, and identified as such when we open the image in PS. However, in your case the image did not have any profile embedded.

        So, why would I hesitate to critique color ? Since no profile at all was embedded, I cannot tell how the file was generated and if the color conversion was done properly. I most likely was done as sRGB, but there is no way to tell for sure. So, the colors could look quite different that you intended when we view the thumbnail. Sometimes, when we open the file in PS, it will ask if we want to assign a profile and view it under that color space. If we do, the colors get off again. So, it's just easier to skip the color critique in that case.

        Photoshop has settings for embedding profiles into the jpg file. You should use that by default. But, more importantly, you should take control over all of your color space/profile conversions. One way is to convert prior to saving out a smaller jpg. Do the conversion manually, examine the colors closely and ensure you're happy with them. Then save the file out as a jpg and insert the profile.


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          Re: Hows my cleaning up??


          ok i did embed it now with Adobe RGB (1998), selective color>white>pull up some blacks and mask out the over highlighted, and remove some blemishes

          how was it now? ^___^


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            Re: Hows my cleaning up??

            Great. The important thing is not those pesky details... it's to simply sharpen your own eye. The image eventually has to satisfy either you, or your customer. I think it will do both.

            Regarding color, one trick I use to see if the tonality and colors are even within the differing skin areas is to play a bit with saturation of some of the weaker colors/hues. I can reveal very subtle color shifts and expose problems that way. Your image did not reveal any issues. So, I think your work on the skin was very non-destructive to the color. Here is a resulting image from my play... the unusual color you see is normal for what I did; if there were issues, they would have shown up as very dramatic shifts (not these subtle ones).
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              Re: Hows my cleaning up??

              wow i learned alot for just a day. hehehe i tried your technique to check the tonality,
              is it only done in hue and saturation and target red and yellow?


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                Re: Hows my cleaning up??

                No, the fastest way to enhance lower saturated colors is to simply open the image in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). Go to Vibrance and move to 100%. That alone will usually do it. If not, also pump up Saturation and occasionally tweak the temperature down a few notches.

                You could do this in PS, but it takes much longer.


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