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Man With A Idea (Feedback Wanted)

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  • Man With A Idea (Feedback Wanted)

    I've been working with Photoshop for about 8 months.
    Any suggestions and feedback are welcomed.

    I took this picture with a Olympus 4040Zoom with the
    intention of creating this image as it looks here.

    Not much really to this picture.......
    Alot of cut and paste
    some edge blending
    a lens flare or 2

    and yes, that is me in the light bulb.

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    I like it. See how you scanned your lite bulb. Made if china, the chinese have a better idea huh?
    I've done something similar but don't recall what.
    I kinda wanted to do one with a closeup of an eye, with some image inside, like the photog. but I think it's been done. I got a nice eye pic from Lisa, but can't get moving on it.
    Nice job anyway, just wait til you get heavy into Layers, lotsa possibilities there.


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      You scanned your eye?
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Who, scanned their eye? Not me, though I heard of a girl who scanned her butt on a Zerox once.


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          Bulb is cool - still looking at your site - the pix seem to take rather long to load...I suppose it matters what you intend doing with such a site whether load time is a factor. Most people (who don't know you and/or love you) will probably not wait. Give them something to look at while they wait. Something to read, or a quicker picture. I'm not sure if you were asking about the pic or the website itself, so I've given my .02 for both.


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            Oh, the site didn't work for me at all. Just had a big sunset pic, and some text but nother happened.


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              Hey welcome to Retouch Pro. The lightbulb is real cool. Not only a cute idea but very well done. It looks very realistic. I also enjoyed the tour of your website images. Excellent manipulation work. Hope you stick around and join in more of the fun here.


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                Very creative! You should try your hand at some of the manipulation challenges in the challenge section on this web site. I bet you would enjoy it! Click here to go there directly.



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                  that was pretty cool. good idea


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