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  • in the Classic style

    If I'm posting too many of these please tell me, as I'm enthused and want to paint everything, but can't. Finishing is the largest problem for me. When I start, I don't always know if I can do it, but after a certain point, I know it can be finished, so I stop. That's my 5 cent analysis. This is PSP, don't think I'll need the others. If you study the skin colors, you'll see they don't seem like "flesh" color your used to but they work. This I coppied from a tutorial on painting. Forgot who. If I ever get good, I want to paint one by Manet of a girl in a bar, the title is french, "bar_at_folies_bergeres" If I ever get that good, then I will be happy.

    oh, it's Unfinished
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    The background seems too crisp compared with the subject and has too much texture. I like all the folds and shadows on the subject though. Just soften up the background a bit.

    -Looking good,



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      You're getting pretty good Greg!!



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        Pretty much agree with T Paul, the skin has a subdued yet almost translucent quality to it, the textured background does make it stand a little proud of the main subject. Really like the skin tones though, the whole piece has an almost sombre tone to it.


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          I'm glad you're enthused Greg. I might not post on many of your images, but I'm following them, and enjoying the visuals. Keep 'em coming.



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            I guess the texture has to go, didn't even know I had a problem there. It's just a canned texture, so easy come/easy go. Thanks for the comments guys.


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              Looks good Greg! It feels almost like a Rembrandt or would need a bit more shadow though. I would not mind seeing it with a very dark background.


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                I'm posting another vs. even though this is not a tut, call it a progress report. I didn't even look to see if they are different, as they must be, because I've spent the last 2 hours on it. Sometimes I wish I were doing real oils, they smell great, but again, this would take a long time.

                oh, also I found out who I'm copying, it's William Whitaker, a living artist who is amazing.

                Realistic oil paintings and pastel drawings of men and women, portraits, Indians, Civil War soldiers, landscapes, and still life. Also instruction in oil painting.

                someone could help me out with this url and lite it up.
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                  I don't know Greg, those old Flemish pics all dark and dreary depress me, I've wondered about them since a kid, why all the dark. Painting is about light. Sometimes I wonder if that Rembrant one with the helmet guy isn't just to show how well he can do gold metal.


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                    I have never heard of that artist before, nice link to the gallery. You have certainly captured the essence of his style, whilst maintaining your own painterly touch

                    I have to ask, did you use another photo for reference?, I saw the front view picture of the one you are emulating, but find it remarkable that you could 'imagine' the back - either way, top job


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                      Well that's funny, cause I got this one there, but never saw a front, I'll go back, I like fronts.


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                        Very impressed especially with the detail and shadowing in the clothing.
                        A lot of the darkening of old paintings is the liberal amounts of varnish applied by preservers and general deterioration over the years. Present day restorers have to tread a fine line between restoration and preservation.


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                          and every twenty years the technology changes so they decide the restorers that went before were FOS and ruined the painting. Thanks for the comp.


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                            Thats it ! its too late then of course, ref Michaelangelo's 'Last Supper' being a typical example.


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                              I like it Greg, the ammended version is an improvement. I would like to suggest adding a little more depth to her headress. Hey, you think I should get one of those? I love the link you've provided as well. I've not seen an of William Whittakers work before. I can see why you like it. I would love to be able to reproduce the backgrounds he uses. Any suggestions?



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