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  • Abstract Impressionism Sample

    is that piece of junk, lookin crappy bunch O spots and streeks. Is it a abstrack, impressionizm ......
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    I really like this one Greg. I can almost feel the sun on her face and I like the warm tones you used. Nicely done!



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      I still have reservations about posting these because I know it's very bad to be boring, like hey, wanna see the slides of my vacation to Disney World? barf.................
      Looking at this you may notice that I jump around a lot, and don't finish one area before doing something else. That's just me, and it's a kind of multi tasking. Been doing it since I was a kid. It's just more fun for me. It is probably not for everyone. Some might get confused going that way, so don't. I just read a thread of a woman who works in PS and gets up to 40 layers going for her effect, then collapses them and starts some more. When I did the colorizations, and some paintings, I would go to 17, and that can get confusing for my limited brain. Now, with the paintings, I'm trying to cut it down evern more, for speed and efficiency, and in this one, there are only 3 layers. That's much quicker and easier on memory. This time, I'm using Painter 6 quite a bit because I want to get some of it's textured brushes.
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        Love it!

        Fugitive, I love your "wildflower cap2"...really expresses a mood!



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          umm - is it just the way I'm looking at it or does she have two right hands? Not that that's a bad thing - I've heard of two left feet before.


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            It's kinda like a movie, a spielberg movie, all smoke and mirrors, an illusion, if you will, but at this jucture, unfinished, and therefore incomplete. So, if one waits untill the final act is through, then it is time for applause or booing.


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              Distinctly unfinished Greg I know you may not strive towards completing all you pictures (god knows we all get the block) but this more than any other of your displayed works, dissapoints me most.

              I dont like the colours so far, as even though you have succesfully experimented with normally opposing colours, I have not until now, thought what an unusual/strange choice. It looks a bit orange to me so far. However I also wish to acknowledge that your works, undergo a transformation from the concept to the final copy

              Do you intend reworking/completing this in the future?

              It shows great promise and would be a worthy companion to the rest

              sorry if I have browbeaten


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                to the limey

                Well it's just one of those things, I have dozens, maybe hundreds of things I want to paint in the future, and I do change direction sometimes. Someone chided me for only painting celebrities, well, now I'm not. I chose this one for the sunlight and bright color, remember, the last one was dark. I am planning some nudes also, maybe by Zorn.
                Yes, I'm goint to finish this one, maybe tonite. I was up til 6am working on it, but there's still a couple of problems.


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                  I don't know if I like this any more after someone make rude comments about it. I'm just posting this cause I'm bored. I will try to finish tonite but.....................................
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                  Last edited by Guest; 08-10-2002, 12:15 PM.


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                    Greg, I like how it's shaping up - can't wait to see the finished product.

                    Of course I'd like it more if your efforts leaned towards Sean Connery or Harrison Ford, but that's just me hehehehe!



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                      hehe, I like it Greg and you cant stop me The backgrounds is more in focus than the main subject. I realise that it is not yet complete, but I do like it nonetheless


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                        Sean is kinda old, but Ford would make a good subject.
                        Mike: I'll fix the BG, your right.


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                          Greg this one is shaping up very nicely. The background is a bit sharp when compared to the subject, but I really like it. It almost looks like it has gold leaf in it. The background is very vibrant and I think the colors work nicely with the subject, but for a more balanced look I think you will either need to sharpen the subject or soften that beautiful background just a touch.

                          As for the subject. The left arm looks more natural on this version, and I like how you have brought out the flowers now. The face bothers me a bit...perhaps it's the eyes. I guess the face looks like a porcelin mask more than a face. Or maybe I just miss those bits of color and sparkle that you put in some of your other works.

                          Overall still a lovely job. Well done!



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                            I don't like the face either, and if it doesn't shape up, it's going bye bye.
                            This one is getting a lot of P6/7 help on the BG and other areas too.

                            Thanks T


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                              hehe - had to review the piccie again after T Pauls rsponse (made me feel I had not viewed in enought detail ). I like the face still and whilst it is smooth, it retains its painterly roots. The arm in the background looks a little 2d compared to the other, perhaps a touch more gradient shading (whatever) may be truer.

                              I still reckon its ok flogging a dead horse Greg, I have done it many times and you are luckier in many respects, I started with a donkey on the beach and you had red rum (legendary uk racehorse [just in case u were unsure])

                              Truly I would encourage you to finish it, to your satisfaction. I have followed many of your pieces through and enjoy seeing them throughout their development


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