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  • Practicing some retouching

    Hey everyone,

    I'm a recent member first time poster. I was doing some practice retouching and i want to see what you guys think.

    I hope the image quality is good enough to get some feedback. Thanks for everyone's time.

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    Re: Practicing some retouching

    Welcome to RetouchPro... and thanks for posting.

    It can be hard to critique work, as we never know someone's background, experience, desire, software, goals, etc.

    So, with that said, I like what you have done. It ranks good for a general retouch for publicity photos, etc. You have affected general skin blemishes, skin color, hair, eyes, lighting. All are necessary elements. Your choice in all of the above is purely subjective and if we say it's right or wrong, then our opinions are subjective as well.

    Is there more that could be done ?... certainly. But, it's not necessary. It would be better to start with a higher quality image if you want to do more, for example d&b of the skin at a fine level.

    Good work and give us more information if you want more detail in the feedback.


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      Re: Practicing some retouching

      It depends on what this was intended for. If you were retouching someone's daughter, they'd probably be pretty angry if you removed her moles. Only remove "character" (moles, beauty marks, gaps in teeth, lazy eyes) if you're asked to, or if the final image has nothing to do with the model, like an ad.

      Assuming this is an advertisement retouch, I see a few problems.

      1. When you brightened the whites of the eyes, you lost the shadow. Since the eye is a sphere, it needs that shadow or it looks flat - fake.

      2. The teeth a just a tad too bright. When the teeth are this bright, it's a toothpaste ad.

      3. Nice work tackling the stray hairs. Usually beginners skip that because it's a headache. They share the same problem, it's a little overdone. There should be a few strays, especially in this kind of picture and with her loose and flowey hair. Oh, it's also a snapshot, so her hair wouldn't be perfectly styled.

      4. Eye color looks nice, not overdone, but her skin needs more detail. It current texture looks slightly artificial.

      You're very talented for a starting photoshopper, and the early heavy-handedness is totally normal for newbies. Nice work. Here's how I would have retouched it, keeping in mind it's a snapshot. I'll use your eyeshadow color, you like women with purple eyeshadow?
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        Re: Practicing some retouching

        I had a go, with mostly dodge and burn, for skin , lips, eyes and to even out tones.And a Curves layer to get more brown/yellowish tones.
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          Re: Practicing some retouching

          look for some technique other than BLURING and u'll be alright



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            Re: Practicing some retouching

            Not knowing your final intentions your results look OK with one small exception and that is, I'd soften that big dark thing behind the lady so as not to detract from her. Well, that's my taste.


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