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  • First Critique post

    Hello everyone, been a quiet lurker on here for a while.
    Making my first photo available in the critique section. Retouching is new to me but something i very much enjoy.

    Now i hope this next part is not "faux pas" on these boards.

    Marek made a post a few threads down and included a picture that he found on I in no way am comparing my work to his, nor do i mean to diminish what he did in any fashion. I simply love the photo he chose to work with and wanted to attempt a try at it.

    If i am breaking rules in any way i will happily take the photo down.

    Aaanyway's ...

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    Re: First Critique post

    I believe you are just looking for some basic critiques. Here is my 2 cents:

    -black (makeup?) dot in the inner corner of her left eye
    -flyaway hairs on the top left corner
    -on her lower left, chin freckle (since you've removed the rest)
    -frayed edge (maybe from her shirt) coming up through her hair on the bottom right.
    -I would also get rid of the ear ring hole
    -soften or remove the crease wrinkles above her left eyelid
    -It is hard to tell on screen, but some of the mid tones look a little hot. Could just be photobucket too.

    All in all, I think you did a fantastic job for just starting out. Depending on the final usage of the image, almost all of the items above are subjective. Some clients will want the image to look as natural as possible, including leaving the freckles but still remove the "little" things.

    I hope this is helpful and keep going!


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      Re: First Critique post

      Thank you for the reply Melinda. After looking at a picture for so long it funny how you can miss certain things.

      I love how using the dodge and burn technique can really keep your subject looking natural.
      More practice is in order, that and maybe an investment in a waycom


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        Re: First Critique post

        Beautiful work for a beginner, much better than I was. Melinda said everything I would have said. I think one of your adjustments may have caused that strange, yellow stripe in-between the skin tone and the shadow. I'd color range select it, then hue shift and slight desaturate. It's hard to tell from that size image though.

        There's nothing wrong with working on the same image. In fact, I LOVE it when I see a retouch of a picture I've already done. I get to see how someone else handled an image I'm very familiar with, so don't worry about it.

        Again, great work. So much detail and yet so smooth. How long did that d&b session take? When I first started out doing it, I would keep at it for six or seven hours at once! It's so easy to get sucked in!


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          Re: First Critique post

          i think, its a little bit red... ^__^


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            Re: First Critique post

            Originally posted by mikedimples View Post
            How long did that d&b session take? When I first started out doing it, I would keep at it for six or seven hours at once! It's so easy to get sucked in!
            Soo true, you kinda get in a rhythm when D&B'ing ... i cant tell you for sure, i did it throughout my day at work when time permitted. Probably 2-3 hours total.
            I wish i could spend a dedicated amount of time to do it .. put on some music and zone out. The fact that i have to break periodically to get some work done is probably where the different color tones come into play.

            I do appreciate all the comments on how to improve and things to look for though

            I also wish i could spend more time at home working on these things but alas my 2 year old son keeps me way too busy to sit down for an extended amount of time


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