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I didn't get any replies on a critique

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  • I didn't get any replies on a critique

    I posted an image a few days earlier on this thread and didn't get anyone to respond , am I doing something wrong?
    here goes again just in case

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    Re: I didn't get any replies on a critique

    1) You made two posts with the same title. Even I didn't catch that there was a second one asking for critiques (lots of users don't browse per forum, using instead the New Posts link)
    2) Try attaching images to your post. Many users are uncomfortable being directed to outside sites.
    3) Be patient. It may seem like a few days to you, but as you can see from the timestamp it was only 24 hours ago.
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      Re: I didn't get any replies on a critique

      Sorry for the long delay. I don't think there is any reason than there have been a lot of posts lately.

      I like the image and I'm glad you did not change it too much. It is actually a good image to work with, although a larger image could help those doing a critique. The colors, contrast and variety of features and textures make for a good retouch example.

      I like the fact that you did not remove too much of the hair. Her hair is pretty and it adds a bit of softness around the face and arms. Overall, I like the skin tone and texture.

      A couple of items I may point out:
      - a bit of retouch evidence on her right wrist;
      - a little need for retouch on the lower right lip;
      - a little reflection off a lash in the far edge of her left eye;
      - maybe a little work on her facial symmetry near the chin, as well as her right cheek.

      Thanks for posting it and hopefully some others will chime in.


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