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  • P7 watercolor

    I've been doing a bunch of w/c all based on one sketch, isn't digital wonderful.
    This is Painter seven, which I have a lot to learn about, but so what. If it makes you barf, don't look the next time. Because I cannot control everything in P, the way I would like, I edit in PSP7. So in PSP I smudge here and there, used some blend mode stuff, like screen or something. These modes are fun to play with. I think they are available in PS and PSP. You dup your layer, and do the blending effects on the top one. It adds things to the one below.
    I got some new skin set for Painter, and it's really nice.
    Thats a good thing painter has, is those add-on color sets. I was collecting them before I even knew how to use them.
    There are other pics in this series, and it may be an on going thing. If there's any interest, I will post more.
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    Hey I really like this one Greg! Didn't see it posted on WC. Very, very nice!


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      Aren't you sly, cking out that one too. Well............the reason is, it's probably not good enough, I don't know, I just paint and post. they have a specific wc forum over there, and it will be some time before I post there.


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        Yeah things are kind of "hot" right now and I think I will stay away for a while. Too many newbies trying to stir up some junk and it is causing quite the tiff. Thought I would hang here for a while....seems everyone is here trying to help and learn not bash.


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          painter and forum ?

          What other forum were you guys talking about avoiding?
          I like your painting, very well done. I am just starting to learn painter, been to my first class, it has some pretty amazing capabilities.


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            Here, playing with the blend modes, one of the great tools available in PS and PSP. I don't know if Painter has em'.
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              and another blend mode, same mode, different setting, a mind blower, huh?
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                Hey looks cool. Hope you don't mind I played with the pic a bit.
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                  and here's another one.
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                    and another. My fingers are getting tired of typing.
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                      Best ever!

                      Greg, this is one of your best works ever! I just love it, especially the way it disappears on the right. My favorite versions are the gray one and the last one.

                      Sure wish I could use Painter like you do...sigh.



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                        Phyllis, who's stopping you. Go get a sketch somewhere on the net, copy it in your own style. Load it into painter.
                        Reduce the opacity to 40-60%. Put another layer on top of that one, and start, or you can paint directly on the sketch. Just make sure you always save a clean copy to keep. I only understand a small part of Painter, just the part that paints on layers, and a couple of other things.
                        You can do it. I want to see you try.


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                          Painter sometimes treats the layer of a psd with distain, and no tellin what will come out. I did find out, that to keep your painter paint looking the same as you made it, save in a jpg, this is for using, or posting or printing.
                          Anyway, this last image got modified in a way I don't know that I could repeat. It had to do with having a mulilayer psd file, and then turning some of the layers off, and then dropping or colapsing, or flatening into a jpg. I tweaked a few things in PSP like adding the textured paper, added some color here and there, and now it looks almost like a Pastel Chalk.
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