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Lingerie Model - Critique

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  • Lingerie Model - Critique

    Your thoughts please; the good, bad, and ugly.

    My primary interests are basically as follows:
    First, learning if this photo is any good.
    Second, critiquing the existing post-processing work.
    Lastly, learning, what post-processing work would suit & strengthen this image to its greatest potential.

    Photographed with:
    Single source through 20"x30" foam core cookie.
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    Re: Lingerie Model - Critique

    And away we go,

    Photo#1) I don't know who is directing your model positioning but if it's you it's a fine job and with a bit of tweaking it will be perfect. Remember when directing your models now to go to fast because lots of times they will fall right into positon on the way to where you want them. Your light is very pretty, almost "sweetlight" if I may say so. If you lit it and it's not natural, good job either way. Be very aware of image elements that may be distracting. The wall sconce although a bit busy is actually converging into her head and causing a shadow there as well. My choice would to not have it there. Also be aware of strange things that happen when posing. The shadow fall of on her left is fine but her arm is laying in such a way that she appears not to have one. Overall very nice though.

    This is a lovely near perfect pose. I love her hand laying on her chest but be careful of what we call "broken wrists". See how it makes such a hard right angle. Just have her flatten it out just a little. (That's a picky thing I know but see the difference.) I love the speculars on her bracelet, you could have also put about a 1/2 stop more on her face if you wanted. The candles in the