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    Hey Guys

    Please critique


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    Re: Product Retouch

    Clean up wise it's okay but it's not a very appealing product shot.
    I have a hard time to explain it in english but the mood is sad? Best way I found to put it.
    Not shiny enough, lighting not dramatic and contrasty enough, colors too shy.
    It doesn't pop and makes you want to buy it.

    Here's a good shot of some make up product that has the same colors as your shot, to show you what I mean:


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      Re: Product Retouch


      Thanks for your response
      I understand where you are coming from with the comments on the mood.
      would you have any suggestions into how to make it more appealing/shiny technically?

      Colors to shy? can you please elaborate on that?
      I tried to saturate the colors to give them more life while keeping in terms with the actual product color.



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        Re: Product Retouch

        Your retouch is missing the shadows, which makes it look floaty. Also the reflection on the left most product is immensely off.


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          Re: Product Retouch

          I opened the shadows and did a little brightening with levels.
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            Re: Product Retouch

            Sorry but I have almost no experience in product retouching so I can't be of much help. The only professional work I got was a retouch of a 3 rings composition for a jewelry company, I should get clearance on posting it online soon so when I do I'll let you know so you can rip it apart ;-)

            Your last pic is much better imo though. Although you went too far with the saturation. Don't saturate the entire image, but saturate colors selectively.
            I haven't seen the products in real life, but should the black part have all those colors in it? If not you need to desaturate that part.

            The thing is retouching is retouching and it doesn't replace a good shot. The problem with your shot is that the lighting is flat and it looks like it is backlit. So that's not a good starting place.

            I don't know how advanced you are so sorry if you already know this but did you do as much as possible in the raw file?

            You should if you didn't. You could make 3 copies of your raw settings, one that is as much appealing as possible for each piece and then composite them back together in ps. Get as much as you can from the raw, then work in ps. In ps, work in 16bit mode, you should be working in 16bit mode by default if you work from the raw but make sure you do, more tonal range so you can push your image further without digital artifacts.

            Hope it helps if you have ps questions let me know


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              Re: Product Retouch

              Still the shadows are missing, and it looks floaty, and also have a good look at the reflections.....
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                Re: Product Retouch

                yes totally agree with you and everyone else about the shadows I am slowly working on fixing them along with a whole pile of other stuff I have to get for the end of year but I will repost when complete.

                Yea I work 16bit, This is my first Product retouch so beginner.

                will post hopefully soon



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                  Re: Product Retouch

                  You had better keep the eyeshadow and lipstick color the same or you're in for trouble. Just keep an eye on it; it's the most important part of the shot.

                  When you brightened the shadows, you brought out some strange and unappealing magenta color noise.
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