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  • Hi all New to site

    Hello everyone im new to the site. I have looked over this place and it is great. So many helpful People and tips. These are 2 i have did so far still got fine tuning on both. Thank you for viewing. Hope you enjoy.



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    Re: Hi all New to site

    Excellent ! I'm always impressed by good automotive retouching. I'd agree that fine tuning is all that's necessary.

    Be sure to keep us informed; are you developing a site to show off your work ? If not, consider it. There is also a strong commercial market for good automotive retouchers.


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      Re: Hi all New to site

      Thank you very much for your comments TommyO. Its greatly appreciated. I am currently working on a site for others to see. I would actually love to be in the retouching field somewhere either with autos or any retouches on a full time basis. Im not really sure how to get started in getting in the industry. I am mostly self taught photoshopper. I started with tutorials about 5 years ago and kind of took it to the next level. I have did many private projects for others from autos, to Lan party overlays for live events. Also auto vynils, manipulations, human tattoos, web designs, shirt designs and also some 3d max. I have did sevral image retouches for private people but they didnt want their family members posted via the internet it was basically for their private printing purposes which i can understand. They were nervous they would see their loved ones photos used in a bad perspective by others on the net. I made into The Baltimore Sun newspaper on an article for game modding as well showing the good aspect of it.

      One thing ive noticed for portfolios and such is alot of people use flash. I can do flash animations but I have never made a full flash website I might do a little research and see if I can improve my artwork page. I will be posting it very soon for sure. If your interested in viewing it in its rough state throw me a private message and I'll Gladly give you a link. Also any ideas or suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.

      I would like to think my friend "klipz" (his nick name) for getting me started in computers. He saw my ability and willing to learn and built me my first computer and now he is amazed at where I have taken my talents and even technical skills.

      Thank you much for your comments once again and any interest you might have for me. As always feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you for viewing. Have a great day all


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        Re: Hi all New to site

        Impressive, very!

        Colour looks convincing, wheels are right, Body work looks good (apart from front guard-needs highlight or something, as it doesnt look curvy), and the neons look real!!
        heheheeh very well done


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          Re: Hi all New to site

          Really enjoyed these as I too like messing with autos in a different way.

          I like your manipulations very much especially the body lowering on the second shot...really looks good.

          I would be interested to know how you achieved colour changes...was it by selective colour, hue and saturation or a recolour in colour mode?

          Love your work and hope to learn from you in the future.

          If you are interested...some of my stuff is here

          Would appreciate any comments etc and any help/ideas

          Kind regards



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            Re: Hi all New to site

            thank you very much all I very much appreciate the input. I'd be glad to help with anything i can. Throw me a message anytime. Im currently doing a couple of auto tutorials when i get free time here and there. From color changes, tinting, motion, lowering and lifting, changing wheels, chrome lights, and also neon. Im not sure if theres a section on here for auto tutorials but if so ill post a couple so others can try it out as well.

            RayGuselli i checked out that link. I think its great how your mind works you can see exactly what you were thinking for the images great imagination and thought goes into your works. I definately like the smudges the one with the girl and the rooster is probably my favorite it came out great. When chopping the vision you have sometimes is hard to project but i think you did a great job projecting yours. The themes were very cool as well. Keep up the good work man i look forward to seeing your progression.

            i also have been tweaking these and i'll post an update very soon.
            Have a great day all


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