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  • Honest critique

    I am currently a photography student with a serious interest in the world of commercial photography. I am drawn heavily to retouching and have always enjoyed working with my images in post. It can be difficult to get critique not so much on the image, but rather the retouching technique. While I am by no means a pro, it seems that I know more about it than most do at my school. I would love to hear some critique. Have I gone too far? Are there things I am failing to address? Are there better techniques I could employ?

    Thanks. I will post a couple of image as well as a link to my flickr page where quite a bit of work can be found.[email protected]/

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    Re: Honest critique

    I'm not really a fashion retoucher, so I'll let those with more experience respond as it looks good to me. However, there could be some improvements with the photography. In the first image the white outfit in my opinion could be toned down. It really draws your eye out of the photo and away from her face. In the second image. Her arm is too straight. Always try and go with the posing advice: "If it bends, bend it." Also, the pose in the second shot make her dress look very rumpled. Looks too much like she is slouching and not reclining with elegance.


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      Re: Honest critique

      I love your "guilt" image. Powerful.


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        Re: Honest critique

        Thank you guys for the comments.

        I would agree that the dress draws alt of attention, but its intended as an add, not a beauty shot. Perhaps I need to strike a better balance.


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          Re: Honest critique

          Even if it's an ad, you have to be aware of every detail. That's one of my problems. I get an idea, and get tunnel vision. don't see things till after the fact. It's easy to be an arm chair photog and say what's wrong, but it's harder to get everything right.


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            Re: Honest critique

            I like the image and the retouching (don't care about the model tho...she is not strong enough, she is almost afraid...not good)

            I think (By looking at the rest of your portfolio) you need to decide what u want to do. Great retouching won't make you a great photographer, it will make you a great retoucher.
            That's for beauty and fashion - now... If you're just using your photography as a base for something else (i.e. Guilt) then it's cool

            My point being... don't rely too much on retouching if you want to be a photographer.



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